Eternal Hatred

As a first post I suppose I should answer the question of why I want to write a blog about Bible Prophecy and how it relates to Israel. It stems from my belief that Israel is at the center of all Bible Prophecy. It is possible to see God’s plan unfold by observing all events related to Israel. Around the world and throughout history there has been a supernatural eternal hatred for the Jewish people. My question is, why? What have the Jewish people done to warrant such intense and enduring hostility. Most people today, would probably say the current Arab Israeli conflict. But the Jewish people have suffered persecution since at least 250 C.E.

Historians can’t really pinpoint one single thing. It has mostly been scapegoating, conspiracy theory , or even jealously which has led to their persecution. No real smoking gun. Some believe they own everything, control everything and are inherently evil. The truth is the Jewish people have been repeatedly been demonized for no other reason other then being Jewish and existing in the world. Think about this, God’s chosen people repeatedly demonized and persecuted for no real reason other then hate. Where does this hate come from? Why do so many people want to see the a Jewish state wiped away and a Jewish people destroyed? If there is no Jewish state or Jewish people how could Bible Prophecy be fulfilled?

Is it possible the source of all the hate is from Satan? His attempt to thwart God’s plan by destroying God’s people and the state which protects them.  There is some precedent for this. When Joseph was warned by an angel to escape to Egypt with Mary and baby Jesus King Herod gave orders to kill all the boys in and around  Bethlehem who were two years old and under in a vain attempt to kill Jesus. (Matthew 2:13-16) Interestingly, Jeremiah foretold this event in Jeremiah 31:15.

Satan’s tactics have not changed. They have just become more ambitious. Destroy God’s people, destroy God’s plan seems to be the strategy.

Today’s articles:

Netanyahu: Don’t let off pressure on Iran

There are numerous statements from Iran about wiping Israel off the map. Why? What has Israel ever done to Iran?

Temple Mount: Jews Arrested for Praying, Waving Israeli Flag

Jews are discriminated against in their own land. Why? Because the government wants to appease the Arabs.

Arab tunnel vision

Hamas will never seek peace with Israel. It is in their own charter that ALL of Israel must be destroyed.

Iran balks at uranium transfer demand

Iran wants nukes and also calls for Israels destruction.

Two Palestinian confess to murdering IDF Col. Ofer

Difficult to see how Israel can negotiate peace with people to glorify these types of attacks.

‘Netanyahu is not bluffing on intention to strike Iran’

Obama is practically forcing Netanyahu to attack Iran because he is weak and afraid to use American power. See Syria.

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