Subs & Air refueling

It will be interesting to watch IDF media over the next few weeks.  Since the beginning the charm offensive by Iran’s Hassan Rouhani President Obama seems to be inclined to ease sanctions on Iran for what apparently know one knows. On October 10, the IDF released a video of  showing an exercise demonstrating Israel’s mid-air refueling capability. This is a clear message to Iran.

Watch: Israel Air Force Conducts Long-Range Flight in Special Exercise

Israel Air Force holds long-range drill over Mediterranean

Then today, a nice blurb about IDF submarines specifically stating:

“During times of war, submarines are one of the most far-reaching instruments in the IDF. You do not know where it is and do not know where it will sink you,”

Silent and Unseen: the Next Generation of IDF Submarines

Lacking a clear credible military threat from the US the Israeli’s appear to have decided to offer up their own. Another clear message to Iran.

Home Front Command to conduct drill

I am also going to keep a watch out for Israeli military/home front drills. Most of the time these are routine but sometimes it can indicate something is up.

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