The Tunnels

Because of the asymmetric nature of the conflict Israel’s enemies have resorted to Tunnel Warfare. Israel has a distinct advantage in Air, Land, and Sea firepower. Use of tunnels is a way to neutralize, at least partly, that advantage. It also provides a way to smuggle arms and equipment evading UN monitors and Israeli intelligence. For Hamas, the tunnels allow them to control the flow of goods into and out of Gaza at prices they can set. Even KFC can be ordered apparently. The other main goal of the tunnels is so Hizbullah and Hamas can evade Israeli defensive parameters and patrols, rise up and snatch an Israeli  for ransom. In years past, Israeli governments have paid very handsomely to terrorist organizations for abducted Israelis. Often the release of thousands of Arabs for one Israeli are not considered unusual. Abduction operations are big winners for the Arab home crowd and makes the Israeli government look weak.

Probably one of the more successful operations, was when Gilad Shalit was abducted in June 2006 by Hamas. He was held for over five years and finally released for 1,027 Arab prisoners.

Hamas leader: Tunnels are our only way to free prisoners

IDF Uncovers 1.7km Long Tunnel Dug by Palestinians

The goal of abducting an Israelis is one also held by Hezbollah which led to the 2006 war where a large part of Lebanon was destroyed. Hamas ought to tred carefully.

‘Terror Tunnel’ Discovered – This Time in Damascus

Interesting that the Lord has Israel’s enemies fighting each other using the tactics and weapons that were meant to harm Israel. Some precedence for this in Judges 7:22.

A rare trip through Hizbullah’s secret tunnel network

Hizbullah also uses tunnels. They are used to connect Hizbullah strongholds, the IDF calls them  “Hezbollah Nature Reserves“.

Israeli ‘tunnel rats’ to fight Hezbollah

Hizbullah tunnels under border

‘Iranians help Hezbollah build tunnels in Lebanon’

Obama’s credibility regarding preventing a nuclear Iran

Events over Syria revealed to Netanyahu once and for all. Israel is alone. BUT, Israel is not alone, God is in control.

PM: No accord without Palestinians recognizing Jewish Israel

Why is it so hard for Arabs to recognize Israel? They cannot concede this simple thing. Both sides are digging in there will be no peace.

UPDATE: Odd timing for Israel’s response here since Hamas has been building tunnels for years. They had to have known one was being dug into Israeli territory.

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