Articles of the Day 10/16/13

US Army Defines Christian Ministry as ‘Domestic Hate Group’

I don’t usually like to cover US domestic matters but this news saddens me deeply. Lord have mercy on the US.

Israel And Iran Undercover

More information on the Ali Mansouri spy scandal.

Israel to develop unmanned submarines

Expect Israel to dominate in this area just as they have dominated in the UAV market. The natural gas finds in the Mediterranean is making Israel’s enemies very jealous.

 Iran offers concessions in nuclear talks, no deal yet

The concessions are meaningless. Iran is just playing for time. US is blind to it, but Israel sees through the lie. The weakness from the US is actually pushing the region towards war.

How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace

The Palestinians sure don’t act like a people that want peace. ‘Eternal Hatred’ from Arabs.

Hezbollah channel: Found eagle with spy transmitter from Israel

The level of paranoia in Hezbollah is rather high these days.

How Hamas dug its Gaza ‘terror tunnel,’ and how the IDF found it

Interesting that all this construction material is going toward attacking the Israelis instead of benefiting the Palestinian people. Hate blinds.

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