Articles of the Day 10/17/13

 Palestinian driving a tractor shot dead crashing into an army base

Another Palestinian attack while peace talks are forced on the Israelis.

Israel: Jewish Birth Rate Continues to Rise

Interesting trend, from a Bible Prophecy perspective, the Jewish population is becoming more religious.

“The report means that as of 2011, the combined amount of Jews who defined themselves as either religious-traditional, religious or hareidi rose above a third of the total Jewish population for the first time.”

Israel Air Force Makes Series of Historic Organizational Changes

Important to keep an eye on these types of changes. Helps to understand what makes Israel an “Exceeding Great Army” prior to the Psalm 83 conflict.

A Change in the Balance of Power in Syria: The “Bad” against the “Bad”

The last paragraph really lays out a bad scenario for Israel:

“Israel must prepare for the challenges and the consequences of the disintegration of Syria and the entrenchment of radical Islamic groups on Israel’s northern border. These trends will highlight the absence of a clear and responsible authority to prevent both weapons smuggling and the establishment of terrorist infrastructures. As a result, there will likely be difficulties in implementing stabilizing rules of the game. Provocations along the Golan Heights border stand to increase, and it is even possible that there will be fighting and high trajectory fire at the home front. In addition, Israel and the West must prepare for the spillover of instability and violence to Syria’s neighbors. This may manifest itself as an internal protest due to anger in the neighboring countries at being forced to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees, or because of the spillover of the actual events into these countries.”

Syrian Rebels Slam Hamas Over Ties to Iran

It looks like the Egyptian squeeze on Hamas is forcing them back into the Iranian camp.

Iran trying to stir violence against Egypt, Israel

Where ever there is trouble in the Middle East, more often the naught, Iran is behind it.  Interesting as Egypt and Israel are being pressed together. Oddly, in contradiction to Bible Prophecy but lets see where this goes. Remember how fast the Muslim Brotherhood fell.

Arms Supplies to Hamas Disrupted by Egyptian Siege

Egypt is doing more for Israel now, out of it’s own interests,  then ever.

How Turkey shopped Mossad spies to Iran: A story leaked by Washington to caution Netanyahu

‘Turkey deliberately blows cover of up to 10 Iranians working for Mossad’

Former Mossad Head: Relations With Turkey ‘Mortally Wounded’

Three articles here about how Turkey is more of an enemy then a friend to Israel.

PA rejects Israeli ‘leasing’ proposal for Jordan Valley

VIDEO: Why Israel Opposes International Forces in the Jordan Valley

The Jordan Valley is critical to the defense of Israel. Israel will not trust it to the UN.

Iran will likely retain nuke breakout ability, warns ex-defense minister

How Iran will play the West on nukes

Shocked really that the West cannot see through their rose colored glasses. The question is, how long will Israel allow this to continue?

Steinitz: Incitement against Israel is part of general Palestinian culture

Really is difficult to see how real peace can be achieved when such incitement against Israel continues unabated. The West and the Palestinians are hoping unfavorable peace can be forced on the Israelis whether they like it or not. The World is attempting to carve up God’s land that was given to the Jewish people and give it the Arabs. If God wanted the Arabs to have the land would he not already have given it to them during any one of the number of wars fought by Israel and the Arabs in the last century?

Israel, Arab states work together to battle Iran’s nuclear plan

This is more wishful thinking then anything. According to Bible Prophecy Israel will stand alone. There might be some behind the scenes cooperation but it is limited at best.  This really reflects the frustration Israel has with the US.

Iran the main obstacle to peace with Palestinians, PM says

Clever of Netanyahu to link Iran with peace talks. Message to US: if you abandon us on Iran we will leave peace talks.

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