Articles of the Day 10/18/13

Egypt ‘looking to Russia’ for arms after US aid freeze

This may just be posturing by Egypt but, one has to wonder why the Obama administration is being so reckless with this. They have nothing to gain by treating Egypt like this and much influence to lose. It is almost as if that is the goal of the administration. To reduce credibility and influence. Not sure of the logic here.

Report: Israel may destroy missiles transferred to Hezbollah

This is one to watch but it is not Israel’s nature to telegraph that they were going to attack just before they do. The intention here may be to get Hezbollah to move the missiles to a more accepting place to attack.

IDF Officer: Latest Terror Attacks ‘Very Alarming”

Video: Gaza Islamists Show Off Weapons

These attacks are originating from the PA. As talks continue to go nowhere expect these attacks to pick up. Also, expect Hamas to do something as they are appearing weaker and the PA more aggressive so they show off their weapons (which are hard to find these days since Egypt started shutting down the Gaza tunnels). Sometimes attacks against Israel have more to do with Palestinian internal politics and competition then with Israel.

Iran stalls, centrifuges spin

We will see what US congress does. I do agree with Rubin that the Obama Administration does seem to be eager to be conned but so do many in congress. We will see but the weakness coming from the US is increasing the likelihood of war not reducing it.

The Shrinking-Why the Middle East is less and less important for the United States.

Not sure I agree with everything in this article but it does give possible explanations why the US is not really a player in Bible Prophecy.

Some things are far scarier than a map

It is sad to see the state of Arab countries today. Contrast that to the vibrant democracy of Israel whose only real problem is the animosity from the same failed Arab states. Also too to, note that Islam has not helped these states one bit.

Israel Looks to Eurasia to Achieve Top Energy and National Security Goals

Good little article about Israeli -Eurasia relations, mostly energy driven, but also the only countries in the region that Israel is allowed to trade with. Much to their own detriment, Arab countries just can’t bring themselves to trade with Israel.

Aid for Palestinians: Breaking Down Walls or Building Them Higher?

Interesting article about the waste of Palestinian aide. I’m not sure I get the relevance of the picture near the bottom of the story though. Almost like they felt like they had to balance out a negative story about the Palestinians.

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