Possible outcome of the Psalm 83 campaign

Psalm 83 result map

source: Isralestine pp246 Bill Salus

The Psalm 83 Campaign could be the beginning of the coming wars involving Israel and its near border neighbors. Responding to missile and rocket attacks by Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas Israel finally lashes out in decisive blows across all fronts. After its initial success, and at the request of the US, Israel ceases operations only to be struck by a chemical attack from Syria. There is a massive death toll of Jewish (and Palestinian) people and there is a public outcry to rid all the threats on Israel’s border once and for all.

Israel responds with a nuclear strike against Damascus and deep armored penetrations in the north, south and east fronts despite heavy US and European objections. Hezbollah and Hamas cease to exist. The Syrian government (what is left of it) is toppled. Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq try to mount a defense but are easily overwhelmed by Israeli speed and firepower. Saudi Arabia immediately capitulates without firing a shot.

Israel halts offensive upon reaching the Euphrates river but begins a massive drone campaign within conquered territory to eliminate the hundreds of terrorists groups caught behind the lines. Israel demands Iran halt their nuclear weapons program or the offensive will continue to Tehran. Iran, stunned by events, quickly submits and destroys their nuclear program with the help of the UN.

Obama consults congress.

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