Articles of the Day 10/25/13

Op-Ed: Genocide: Dealing with Evil

“The problem then becomes: (1) Can 1.5 billion Muslims be de-Islamized before they acquire the power to Islamize us? (2) Can we avoid being Islamized and avoid resorting to the violence applied to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan which borders on genocide? “

There is no doubt, judgement is coming for all of us. Best to repent now, follow Christ, pray you are found worthy.

Terrorists throw grenade at Israeli school bus; Israel prepares to release more terrorists

Releasing terrorists only encourages more terrorism. Terror originating from the PA has picked up since the first round of releases. What are you thinking Israel?

Israel to build more in colonies amid peace talks

This is why the terrorists are being released. Israel is growing and needs to build housing to reduce the cost of housing. It is really about supply and demand. Israel can’t meet the demand for housing so they have to build. There is no stopping it. To appease the US on settlements, the terrorists are released. Israel is probably privately hoping these guys will go back to terror so they can be targeted. Bet dollars for donuts they are being tracked by Israeli intelligence.

Report: Arab Students Plotted ‘Drone Attack’ Against Israel

Sad that instead of learning skills to get jobs and improve the Palestinian economy, care for themselves and their families their energy is directed towards killing Israeli civilians.   Beyond that PA stopped this because they want a monopoly on terror. Not because they are “cooperating” with Israel. Really look at the hearts of the Palestinians. They have hard hearts, not hearts for peace. These people are begging for judgement.

Report: Iran may be month from a bomb

Countdown to the Iranian Bomb?

That’s funny didn’t Obama say Iran was a ‘year or more away’ away from a nuclear bomb like just a few weeks ago? Yep he did.

Ya’alon: Civil war between Hezbollah and Global Jihad has erupted in Lebanon

Israel is probably delighted by developments in Lebanon. Hezbollah has never been more weak.

Elite Hezbollah fighters are spearheading battle in Syria, IDF commander warns

“Elite Hezbollah fighters are leading the Syrian government’s battle against rebels in the country’s most violent regions, a senior IDF commander said on Thursday.”

Would now be a good time for Israel to strike Hezbollah? Probably not, why do the killing when Al Qaeda can do it for you. Really interesting how God has turned Hezbollah tactics against them.

 Rift widens on Iranian nuclear deal as Israel, Arabs warn against allowing enrichment

So God seems to be pushing Israel and Saudi Arabia together but keep in mind the Saudi’s are struck by the same external hatred as all Muslims.

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