Articles of the Day 10/28/13

Poll: 52% of Israelis don’t Trust US on Defense

I’m surprised the number is not higher.

Palestinian Terms Leave Little to Talk About

Palestinians make stiff land demands for peace deal

Israel approves release of 26 jailed Palestinian terrorists

Not too surprised by these demands since Israel is giving them prisoners for virtually nothing.

IAF strikes underground rocket launchers in Gaza following rocket attacks on Israel

Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired from Gaza over Ashkelon

Israeli citizens must really be having a hard time understanding the release of prisoners while under rocket attack. This is an attempt by Hamas to scuttle the deal where Israel gets nothing. Ironically, Hamas is probably about as frustrated by the release as the average Israeli citizen.

 Analysis: Obama’s cabinet fears Mideast black hole

Foreign policy based on fantasy

Obama’s “New” Middle East Policy: “Modesty” or Pullback?

US will decrease, Israel will increase. Lack of US interest will force Israel to be more assertive and aggressive.

Mystery of missing ayatollah: Ali Khamenei’s three-week seclusion for work on nuclear deal with US

Likely health issues, he is 74 after all. I don’t know if there is an accord or not but if there is then Israel has likely already decided on when to attack.

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