Articles of the Day 10/29/13

Kerry: US won’t succumb to fear tactics of those who oppose Iran diplomacy

While it is noble to seek a peaceful solution. It is foolish to expect one from Iran. The Obama administration seeks to drag out negotiations as much as Iran does because they do not want to deal with a crisis. This administration is scared of American power and is afraid to use it. Israel is alone. Yes they will have cheerleaders, but in terms of action, they are alone.

With prisoners’ release, Palestinians demand Israel withdraw to 1949 lines, renounce E. Jerusalem

So what has the release of prisoners gained Israel? Only more demands apparently. Abbas acts as though he is bargaining from a position of strength. The reality is that Israel has the position of power but they do not use it. The PA still has not really conceded much but Netanyahu has already had to make “tough” decisions. In the end, these talks will fail because the Palestinians want it all.  They seek all of Israel and they will not give up anything. Israel can give and give but they will never get what they want through diplomacy.

Iron Dome missile defense battery posted at Netivot

“The IDF Monday posted an Iron Dome anti-missile battery at Netivot, a town 25 km from the Gaza Strip, in line with the estimate that the Palestinians were about to escalate their rocket attacks after Monday’s volley against Ashkelon. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon inspected the border fence Tuesday  and was shown the recently discovered tunnel that Hamas had burrowed under the border from Gaza into Israel..”

Ex IAEA Official: Iran Already Past Point of No Return

Curious to see if Israel will actually wait until Iran decides to enrich uranium to 90%. Cutting it too close I think. Might we see an attack in November?


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