Articles of the Day 10/30/13

If Iran Can Get This Reactor Online, Israel May Not Be Able to Bomb It

Boy Israel is cutting things razor close. You would think they would knock out the Arak facility straight away. The US has already decided not to attack.

Abbas: No Peace Until All Prisoners Are Released

Wow, statements like these kill hopes for peace. Was there really a chance to begin with though?

Israel to UNHRC: “Israel’s Unfair Treatment Must Come to an End”

The UNHRC is the most corrupt and hypocritical UN body in history. It has become a political tool used by Israel’s enemies. This council symbolizes all that is wrong with the UN.

The Importance Of Knowing Prophecy

Jack Kelly’s site is terrific. I highly recommend it for those who wish to learn more about Bible Prophecy.

Hezbollah remains threat to Israel

Even though Hezbollah is fully engaged in Syria they still pose a great threat to Israel. The Syrian civil war is weakening Hezbollah draining money, manpower, and other resources. Iran is replenishing the stores though.

Iran says nuclear site ‘saboteurs’ were thieves

Thieves or not,  Israel is probably very interested in the fact the perimeter was breached by amateurs. Glad I am not head of security at that site right now.

Hezbollah Prepares for Syria Showdown in al-Qalamoun

“A Hezbollah fighter acknowledged in an interview with NOW, a Lebanese website, that the battle for Al-Qalamoun would be different from the fight over Qusair and would take much longer “because of the nature of the terrain, which is made up of high mountains and deep valleys.”

In other words Hezbollah losses should be quite high.

Netanyahu: Prisoners’ release is a necessary evil

Israeli leaders keep hinting that this was forced upon them. Netanyahu is taking a huge political cost to do this. One has to wonder what side deal was cut with the US to keep the terrorist release going.

Poll: Most Israelis reject Jordan Valley withdrawal by IDF

The Israeli people are not stupid. They know retreating from the Jordan Valley means terrorist infiltration into central Israel. The Jordan Valley is a natural barrier but it must be manned.

‘US has spying unit on roof of its Tel Aviv embassy’

This may or may not be true. Media is just piling on here. Yes we already know the US conducts espionage from their embassy’s as does most every country. Not really a fantastic revelation.

Diplomatic terror

Abbas has been actually pretty effective at extracting concessions from Israel for very little in return. The terrorist release is just one example.

PM gives green light to East Jerusalem construction

I think both sides know the peace talks will go nowhere. That is why we see unrealistic demand from the PA and Israel continues to builds settlements.

Security expert shows why any ‘Palestinian state’ would leave Israel indefensible

Here is Mark Langfan’s website, kinda disappointed in the website though.

Report: Syrian Regime Using North Korean Pilots

Guess evil helps evil fight more evil in this case. Curious how North Korean pilots would stand up against the IAF. Then again, no great amount of skill needed to bomb civilians.

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