Breaking: Heavy Israeli-Palestinian firefight in Gaza: Hamas dead and wounded

Heavy Israeli-Palestinian firefight in Gaza: Hamas dead and wounded 

“Palestinian sources report heavy exchanges of fire Thursday night between Hamas and IDF forces in the Khan Younes and Abasan areas of southern Gaza. At least two Palestinian fighters were killed and several injured. No comment has come from the Israeli military spokesman. The Palestinians further report that the Hamas casualties were caused by shelling from Israeli helicopters, with Hamas firing back with mortars. Other sources described an Israeli Navy attack from the sea on Palestinan shore targets.”

UPDATE: 4 Hamas gunmen killed, 5 soldiers injured in clash at ‘terror tunnel’

“The mission to destroy the tunnel Thursday “was imperative due to the potential to utilize the terror tunnel for future attacks against Israeli civilians,” IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said. “This tunnel, similar to the one used to kill two IDF soldiers and kidnap Gilad Shalit in 2006, was built for this heinous purpose. Hamas, as the authority in the Gaza Strip, is accountable and responsible for all activities aimed at harming Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.”

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