Articles of the Day 11/1/13

Hezbollah deploys 15,000 troops for anticipated Qalamoun battle

hezbollah nazi salute

“A heavy military confrontation in Qalamoun is likely to have significant repercussions on the neighboring Lebanon, with observers predicting that thousands of refugees could flee across the border.”

If the number is correct that is a pretty sizable force redeployed from Lebanon to Syria. How many are left in Lebanon?

Syria’s chemical weapons plants destroyed – but actual weapons remain

So much media about chemical weapon producing material being destroyed but the actual weapons are still in Syria and still available to Assad. He still has 1000 tonnes of Yperite, VX and sarin so the fact that some equipment was destroyed is kind of a pyrrhic victory.

Total Blackout in Gaza: ‘Not a Single Litre of Fuel’

“While IDF may have sparked the initial power disruption, Khalil primarily blames other regional Arab countries for the plant’s longer-term problems. Israel provides for about half of Gaza’s electricity needs, and Hamas relies on its neighbors to pick up the rest of tab, citing its own inability to run its own regional utilities. “

‘Turkey behind strike on Latakia airbase in Syria’

Highly doubt this report. Target speaks for itself. Why would Turkey care about equipment intended for Hezbollah? I’m also not sure Turkey could carry out an operation to attack a Syrian facility by a missile launched safely outside Syrian airspace. No the Turks are quite scared of Syrian air defenses.

Israeli defense minister with top generals could have been hit by the bomb trap which injured five soldiers

“One of the conclusions from the events of the last 24 hours is that certain home improvements are called for in the Israeli armed forces, before they are ready to go for the big game, Iran’s nuclear program. Flaws keep on turning up in minor operations. The measure of a strong army and a serious military option is to be found less in its advanced weaponry and generous budget and more in performance on the ground. The tunnel operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip exposed vulnerabilities typical of an army which has not been called to fight in more than two years. They are minor but require serious attention.”

Israel Could Receive V-22 Ospreys by 2015

Nice capability. The V-22 has a range of 1627 km. Israel won’t get these for at least two years though.

Nimitz Strike Group Begins Operations in Central Mediterranean

Not really news since the US always keeps at least one carrier on station in the Med. But it is always good to know where the carriers are. Doubt Obama does.

Dear Ayatollah Khamenei, Jesus Christ loves you. But judgment is coming, the Bible warns in Jeremiah 49:34-39. Let me explain.

Pretty funny post by Mr. Rosenberg then you realize he is very serious. Indeed pray for these guys and all of the people of Iran because they are led by demonic thought.

Turkish military ‘trying to provoke an incident’ with Israelis in Mediterranean

Not a whole lot of strategic thought in Turkey these days. Highlights the influence and irrational nature of Islam. What has Israel ever done to Turkey? Oh yeah, they defended themselves from a flotilla full of terrorists. How dare them.



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