A Day of Destruction in Syria


This article briefly talks about the destruction caused by the civilian war in Syria.

Before we get too carried away with Isaiah 17 we need to remember a key requirement of the prophecy. A terrible thing will happen……in a day. Not over several years or months. Notice at least four references alluding to a specific day.

4 On that day, Jacob’s glory will dwindle;
his sleek body will waste away.

7 On that day, people will have regard for their maker,
and their eyes will look to the holy one of Israel.

9 On that day, their strong cities will be like those abandoned by the Hivites and the Amorites;abandoned because of the Israelites. They will be a wasteland

11 make them grow the day you plant them,
and make them bloom the morning you start them.
But the harvest will disappear on a day of sickness and incurable pain.

Also, in verse 14, the reference to terror that is in the evening and gone in the morning:

14 In the evening, there is terror;
but before morning it is gone.

This is the fate of those who loot us,
the destiny of those who rob us.

Finally, in Jeremiah 49:26 a specific day reference similar to Isaiah:

26 Yes, her young men will fall in the streets,
and her soldiers will be silent on that day,
declares the Lord of heavenly forces.

Yes God is working in fascinating ways in the Syrian civil war. It certainly bares watching. The prophecy is unfolding right before us. But something more terrible then what we have already seen has yet to take place. Something sudden, at night, involving Israel and Damascus. God will get everyone’s attention in what looks to be a very frightening way. Pray for Damascus.

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