Articles of the Day 11/8/13

Iranian simulation: Missiles on Ben Gurion

At times, it seems like Iran just wants Israel to attack.

In midst of Syrian war, giant Jesus statue arises

Proof that God can change the hearts of any man, Muslim or not.

Saudi Arabia eyes buying German submarines: Report

Between Israel and Saudi Arabia Iran would be wise to invest in ASW.

Israel to build wall along Jordanian border

Wise move on the part of Israel, likely posturing tough for “peace”negotiations.  

Mystery explosion at Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor

As far as I know, only Debka is reporting this so take with a grain of salt.

Turkey and Iran sign secret intelligence cooperation pact. Ankara rolls up anti-Iran spy rings

Relevant to prophecy as Turkey and Iran are major Ezekiel 38-39 players.

Israeli expert: Effective action against Iranian nukes no longer possible

Bolton: Israel must make ‘fateful decision’ on Iran strike

It might actually be too late. You have to wonder why the enemies Israel faces in Ezekiel are not concerned about nuclear attack. Could it be that Israel’s WMDs are neutralized because Iran is able to retaliate in like manner? 

IDF to simulate Gaza seizure in Ashkelon drill

The Division chose Ashkelon after searching for a city that has similar parameters to Gaza and reaching the conclusion that the city was the closest fit; like Gaza, the city lies near the beach. Another reason for the perceived insult: while Ashkelon has many upscale neighborhoods, it is also home to many old, decaying ones.

Lebanon: Israel setting up spy stations along border

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said that Israel is setting up spy stations along the border with Lebanon from a-Nakura to the Sheba Farms. In talks with MPs in his country, he added that these stations are equipped with technologies and latest tools to cover all of Lebanon. Berri shared documents and images as proof.

Israel preps for massive air drill with US, Greece, Italy

Interesting the US is taking part in these drills since they have no desire to attack Iran at all. Perhaps just another way to keep an eye on Israel.

US intelligence suggests Syria may hide some chemical weapons

Not too surprised here.  Mr. President you have been conned. Would you like some more conning from Iran?







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