Monitor the IDF: Times of change

IDF in midst of network revolution

“The plan will promote unprecedented levels of interconnectivity among various units, intelligence sharing along with enhanced command and control that will improve accuracy in firepower, the source, who hails from the IDF’s C4i (Teleprocessing Unit), said.”

Israel Revamps Armored Units for Urban, Brush Battles

“There are no more battles where tanks face off against other tanks on an exposed hill,” Berger said in the IDF-posted story. “These new forces will be able to direct tank battalions between homes of villages or into brush, according to our needs.”

IDF restructures armoured battalions

“The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have announced a series of major organisational and structural changes in their Armoured Corps as part of a larger reform of its ground forces. The IDF will disband its reservist tank brigades and, beginning from this month, gradually change the structure of its regular units by adding infantry companies to every battalion.”

Report: Fewer Rockets Fired on Israel in 2013, Hamas ‘Afraid’

Year after IDF op, Hamas deterred, tactics altered, official says

There is nothing like deterrence. But deterrence has to be renewed. The enemies of Israel tend to forget very quickly. Perhaps this link will help.


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