Articles of the Day 11/11/13

Kerry bids from Abu Dhabi to break up unique broad front which tripped up US-Iran nuclear deal

“Netanyahu is in a state of shocked disbelief,” feels “misled” by Obama team. Rapidly intensifying crisis in U.S.-Israel relations developing due to disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

I bet Netanyahu is not really that shocked. He could see this coming a mile away. He knew the day Obama caved on Syria.

Judging Planet Earth

Good prophecy article from Jack Kelly.

Iranian deputy industry minister shot dead in Tehran

Interesting, but so far not seeing this minister’s connection to the nuclear program. A number of Iranian are probably involved in corruption and this could be related to that. All of the “foreign” assassinations where quick hit type attacks. These attackers were sitting in the car so they probably left DNA evidence behind. The Mossad would not be that careless. Highly doubt Israel is behind this.


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