Articles of the Day 11/12/13

Three Battles Or One?

Q. I don’t understand how students of Bible Prophecy have come to see Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 as two different events. Can you shed any light as to how these two prophecies (Psalm 83 & Isaiah 17) do not converge in the Ezekiel 38-39 battle?

A. Many scholars believe the fact that the enemies mentioned in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 are not part of Ezekiel 38 and those mentioned in Ezekiel 38 are not part of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 indicates they are at least two and perhaps three different events.Also, Israel can’t meet the conditions of being a peaceful unsuspecting nation as Ezekiel 38:8,11,14 requires as long as their next door neighbors, mentioned in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17, continue to be a constant threat to their security. These neighbors have to be neutralized to meet the conditions required for Ezekiel 38 to take place.

I really like the way the succinct way Jack Kelly explains things. I fully agree with his answer. The Psalm 83 conflict must proceed the Ezekiel war.  I would just add if you look at the combatants in Ezekiel they do not currently border Israel but the Psalm 83 enemies do. Israel would have to conquer the “inner circle” enemies before the “outter circle” enemies. The Isaiah 17 nuclear event upon Damascus seems plausible during the Psalm 83 conflict in light of the Syrian civil war.

Google wants tattoo to act as smartphone microphone

The tattoo would communicate over Near-Field Communications, Bluetooth, Infrared or other short-range technology to a nearby smartphone, tablet, wearable computer, gaming device or other mobile computer.

“This application shows that vendors are thinking outside the box to find new ways to solve some problems,” Gold said. “You’ll likely see a whole lot more experimentation for input-output methods and some will catch on in the next three to five years.”

The pace of technology is growing rapidly and it is also growing more intrusive. The “Google Tattoo” will have the capability of wireless communications. Think how it would improve our lives….then remember Revelation 13:15-18.

Kerry: We were ‘Extremely Close’ to an Iran Deal

Scary to think how blind and stupid the western powers have become. I believe a deal will be struck eventually and Iran will have it’s nuclear program intact. I really think Israel would have struck by now if they were going too. We will soon be living in a world where Iran and Saudi Arabia have nuclear weapons. These weapons will be used. Read Revelation 16:8-11.

Israel: Iran’s economy lost $170bn over its nuclear program 

What a waste. Even more is lost when you consider the sanctions. All because the Iranians are led by demonic thought. Their desire to destroy Israel has already really cost them and will soon cost them even more.  It looks like Khamenei is doing ok though.

Terrorist Attack Thwarted as IDF Seizes Anti-Tank Weapon

The cold hard hearts of the Palestinian people seems to grow darker every day. Difficult to see how Israel can negotiate peace with such a people. Prayer to the God almighty that these people change their ways and accept Jesus Christ into their hearts instead of the blood lust of Islam.

Lavrov to confirm Russian air defense system, surface missiles for Egypt, Russian Navy facilities at Alexandria

Wow, that was quick. Russia did not waste any time. Will Obama blame losing Egypt on Bush?

Can Israel Survive Obama?

“As if Israel didn’t face enough threats and challenges, it must now survive the Obama nightmare until he’s out of office in 38 months. Isolated like never before thanks to Obama, the stark choices facing Israel’s leadership are unimaginably difficult. With roughly 75 times more territory, 10 times as many people, and two times as big an economy, Iran is a Goliath compared to Israel, and has repeatedly threatened to destroy it. So what does David (Israel) do now that Obama’s perfidy has been exposed? If the neighborhood bully is bigger than you, has threatened you, and is reaching for a bat, do you preemptively attack him before he gets the bat and becomes even more dangerous?”

It really is sad to see the Israel-US relationship fall apart this way. Remember Genesis 12:3.

US, Russia see Syrian chemical disarmament missing deadline

How can Israel trust any agreement on Iran when the ones on Syria are a lie?

Islam: The Foundation Of The Middle East Conflict

Interesting to see the array of nations all whom hate Israel. Why would this tiny country be such a threat to the world? The answer: because it is God’s chosen people.

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