Monitor the IDF: Iran has a new toy…batteries included, but not for children under 3

The IDF’s Fuel in the Heat of Battle

Senior commanders believe that the cutting-edge training will result in unprecedented advancements.  “When I went into a tank for the first time, I was leading a company of soldiers,” said Major Eli Gilad, head commander of the IDF’s Logistical Training Center. “Now, these new officers will come in with the knowledge of how to handle a battlefield beforehand.”

Iran announces new air defense missile system amid nuclear talks Syad SA2

Basically the S-75 Dvina (SA-2) range 45km. Should not be much of a threat to the IAF. Most of the time the Iranians make a big show for their own consumption. Their neighbors might be impressed but I don’t think Israel will be worried.

This article references the S-200 (SA-5) range 300km, significantly better range. Syria has these as well so I am sure Israel fairly well antiquated with them.

syad2 launcher

Iran rolls out another medium-range SAM

More information here on the new Iranian SAM.

The IDF May Lose its Finest Combatants

I think this articles touches on the morale decay that will affect the IDF after the successful Psalm 83 campaign. Remember the only thing standing between Israel and the Ezekiel armies is God.

Iran Army to hold massive drill in late November

Iran army training to be destroyed.

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