Articles of the Day 11/13/13

Iran’s top ally warns war could be coming. White House and Netanyahu issue ominously similar warnings.

Things are picking up speed here. Either we will have an interim agreement or there will be war. I’m betting a bad interim agreement.

And again: ‘Palestinian’ terrorist takes Kerry up on third intifada call, stabs and critically wounds IDF soldier

After murder, deputy ministers urge halt to prisoner releases, peace talks

This article really shows the folly of releasing terrorists. The Israelis have gotten nothing for these releases except more attacks. This poor soldier was sleeping when he was attacked by a Palestinian. Pray for the Palestinian people that their hearts will turn away from the incitement and propaganda forced upon them by their demonically led leaders. It is no coincidence that with the release of terrorists there has been an increase in Palestinian attacks on Israelis.

Report: Kerry Supported Gaza Flotilla Members

Not too surprising when you understand that left/liberal thinking people often side with Islamist folks on nearly every issue. It also explains why Israel-US relations are at an all time low right now. The Obama administration basically hates Israel as does the Islamist.

Palestinian charged with sodomizing Israeli girl

Another day another Palestinian attack on an Israeli. How can we expect the Israelis to negotiate peace with them? Do the Palestinians behave like a people who desire peace? The Lord has given them over to their hate and they will be judged harshly for it. Pray for these lost, hopeless people.

Seven Reasons Why Obama Isn’t Serious About Stopping Iran Nukes

“This is not a record that inspires confidence that he means what he says when it comes to stopping Iran. Everyone concerned for the future security of the U.S. and Israel should be afraid — very afraid.”


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