Articles of the Day 11/14/13

Report: Obama Has Been Easing Iran Sanctions For 5 Months

“A report indicates that US President Barack Obama has been easing sanctions on Iran for the past five months without Congressional approval, and despite the lack of any agreement over the Islamic regime’s nuclear weapons program.”

Poll: Israelis Don’t Trust U.S. On Iran

Obama has lost Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. All critical mid east allies. Or…were allies.

Erdan slams Kerry’s claim that Iran deal shouldn’t be criticized before it is final

Senators Told to ‘Ignore Israel’ On Iran

Wow, shut up and “eat your peas” Israel! “Move along Senators nothing to see here.” This deal is getting shoved down Israel’s throat.

Israel strikes Gaza after Palestinian rocket fire

“Israeli aircraft bombed two rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, the military said, hours after Palestinian militants had fired mortars into Israel.”

Iran’s Plutonium Game

Interesting article but be warned you might need a Physics degree to understand it.

Gen. El-Sisi ushers in “a new era in Egyptian-Russian military ties” 

Russia now has military agreements with Iran, Syria and now Egypt.

Lebanese militant Hezbollah leader vows to keep fighters in Syria to shore up Assad’s struggle

What would happen if Israel suddenly invaded southern Lebanon? They won’t, but there are reports Hezbollah has invested up to half it’s strength in Syria. Nasrallah must feel pretty confident Israel will not do anything. This little intervention is costing Hezbollah in a number of ways.


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