Articles of the Day 11/18/13

PM: Iran already has enough material for five bombs

“The Iranians already have five bombs’ worth of low-enriched uranium,” he told the German daily Bild. “If you press the sanctions now, you might actually get a better deal. If you have a bad diplomatic solution — what this appears to be — you actually may get the consequences you want to avoid.  That is, you would have no choice but to exercise a military option in the future.”

The French-Israeli-Saudi Front Against Iran?

Israel Negotiating Historic Alliance with Saudi Arabia over Iran’s Nuclear Weapons

Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan

Report: Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran

Global SITREP B6-13: France, Israel and Saudi Arabia United in Preemption of Iranian Nukes

Interesting this development. It makes sense geopolitically but from an Eschatological point of view it is at odds with, at least, my interpretation of Psalm 83. Saudi Arabia is named as one of the enemies to Israel not an ally. Remember, Ishmaelites = Saudi Arabia.

2 because—look!—your enemies are growling;
those who hate you are acting arrogantly.
3 They concoct crafty plans against your own people;
they plot against the people you favor.
4 “Come on,” they say, “let’s wipe them out as a nation!
Let the name Israel be remembered no more!”
5 They plot with a single-minded heart;
they make a covenant against you.
6 They are the clans of Edom and the Ishmaelites,
Moab and the Hagrites,
7 Gebal, Ammon, Amalek,
Philistia along with the citizens of Tyre.
8 Assyria too has joined them—……

Clearly, Saudi Arabia is named as an enemy of Israel. There could be many explanations. Perhaps the House of Saud is divided. Perhaps they switch sides mid conflict. Perhaps, and this is far fetched, the Saudis and Iranians have there own secret agreement to lure Israel into this alliance. Whatever it is we will find out soon enough.

UPDATE: The Saudis deny it.

Comet ISON Nears Date With Sun

Interesting, that this Comet shows up at this critical time in the middle east.

 “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.” Luke 21:25

France is Israel’s new best friend when it comes to the Iran threat. Here’s why.

“Indeed, a curious new alliance is emerging in the Middle East between Israel, the French, and the Arab states in the Gulf — most notably Saudi Arabia — all of whom are determined to stop Iran from getting The Bomb, and all of whom see President Obama as unable or unwilling to do the job.”

Are the Saudis and Israelis making secret plans to hit Iran? Here’s what we know so far.

“We simply taught through the Book of James, prayed and worshipped each other, and encouraged the dear brothers and sisters here. Sometimes you just need to stop focusing so much on all the troubles and trials of the world, and just spend time in the Word of God and in fellowship with people who love the Lord. This is where we find such refreshment in troubled times.”

I have to agree. Sometimes I get so troubled by what is happening in the world that I forget all this is Gods plan. The leaders we have, at this time, good or bad, are in place due to Gods will. The word in scripture is what is important. Certainly not Obama.

Obama’s Fight With Israel: This Time It’s Serious

Credibility of the Obama administration is dead. When war breaks out the US will seek to restrain Israel as they have always done but this time, because no one trusts the US, Israel will not stop. This coming war will reshape the Middle East much to Israel’s liking and no one will be able to stop them.

Saudi “Hidden Hand” Steering Iran Nuclear Talks?

The Saudis and the Israelis have given up on the US. There is going to be a war. France is now leading where the US should have been leading.

‘Hot Mic’ Catches UN Disbelief at Anti-Israel Bias

Everyone knows what a fraud the UN has become. Israel keeps trying to participate in the UN but they will never be allowed the respect other nations have.

Iran building secret nuclear site, opposition group alleges

Does it really need to be secret anymore since they are allowed to keep the ones that are not secret?

‘Syrian missile stockpile reduced to half’

The important point that the article fails to notice is that Assad is running out of these weapons. He will be more careful about how and when he uses these missiles. That might make Israel think they are more safe but the opposite is true. If he reaches a point of desperation he might use the rest of his missiles to draw Israel into the civil war. Also, Iran may want him to save these missiles to be used in case Israel attacks Iran. Either way, these missiles likely have Israel’s name on them.

Iran Unveils Its Biggest Drone Yet

“The actual size of the drone wasn’t reported. But the aircraft supposedly has an operational radius of as much as 2,000 kilometers (about 1,250 miles), a service ceiling of up to 25,000 feet and an endurance of up to 30 hours, according to the article, which cited Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan. He touted its ability to carry munitions such as air-to-surface missiles, as well as its reconnaissance applications.”

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