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Q. I see that you are adamant that the Rapture will happen when a predetermined number of Gentiles come to faith in Christ. Whilst I agree with you in principle, that number will occur on a predetermined date. Therefore it stands to reason that the Rapture will occur on a specific date in time when a specific number of Gentiles has been saved. Or would you rather say that a specific number will come in on a specific date? Surely both points are valid?

A. Because God knows the day on which the Church will reach its predetermined number, then the date of the rapture is already known to Him.However, with us it’s a different story. We don’t know the predetermined number, we don’t know the current number, and we don’t know the rate of growth. Therefore no one on Earth can know the date of the rapture in advance.However, we are supposed to know from the signs we see around us that the time is near. We shouldn’t be in the dark about this and we shouldn’t be taken by surprise (1 Thes. 5:4)

I find the idea, by Jack Kelly, that it is really the number of Gentiles who accept Christ not necessarily a specific day very intriguing. How close are we? 10, 50, 1000, 1 million, no one knows.

Iran forces drill near the Strait of Hormuz

Message sending by Iran. Do the lame deal or else.

Iran sub Younus

Younus Heavy Submarine

Iranian Navy to Dispatch Heavy-Class Submarine to High Seas in East Asia Soon

He said that Alborz destroyer and Bandar Abbas helicopter-carrier warship will accompany Younus in the Navy’s important extraterritorial mission. “The Navy’s 28th Flotilla will berth at Mumbai and Colombo ports during its voyage,” he added.

Iran Deploys Submarine to India & Sri Lanka

The more frequent deployments around the Gulf of Aden do not usually have a submarine escort, at least one that is usually announced. However, the inclusion of the Tareq-class submarine on this mission could very well just be due to the fact that it has little other purpose. Iran has three such Tareq-class submarines, which are really 877EKM Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines that Iran purchased from Russia in the late 1980s and 1990s. Although it reportedly paid about US$600 million for each of them, they are uniquely unsuited to Iran’s maritime environment. Specifically, the Persian Gulf’s shallow depth means the heavy submarines cannot operate in most of it.

Iran stands fast on Arak heavy water reactor for plutonium-fired nuclear weapon

The Iranian negotiators face the delegations of six world powers in Geneva Thursday, Nov. 21, with strict orders not to give ground on the two major sticking points holding up a first-step deal on their nuclear program: The heavy water reactor under construction at Arak for producing plutonium and Iran’s “right” to uranium enrichment. If Iran gains those two points, whatever concessions its negotiators may come up with are worthless, because they will leave Tehran in possession of two optional nuclear weaponizing tracks instead of one – plutonium as well as enriched uranium.

Arak is their backup plan, thus making it one of the main targets on Israel’s list.

Morar shells land in Saudi border post

Odd that this happens all of the sudden. I think there is some message sending by Iran here.

Report: Dispute in Obama admin about Egypt policy

Really not too surprised by this. Their whole Middle East policy lacks coherence, vision, and leadership.

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