Articles of the Day 11/22/13

Six Islamist factions unite in largest Syria rebel merger

Syria: The Neighbors Prepare For Rebel Defeat

It is not looking good for the rebels. Had these Islamic groups not gotten involved it would be different the West likely would have intervened. The real winner here is Israel. Lots of Islamic terrorists dead. Lots of Hezbollah and Iranians dead.   Hezbollah politically weakened at home. For them both lots of resources have been thrown into Syria instead of attacking Israel.  Assad, of course, is severely weakened and will take years to recover. Israel is free to hit Syria when ever it needs too. Israel is also beginning to free itself from American restraint. For the West, a few chemicals may or may not have been destroyed and they have pretty much lost all credibility and influence in the Middle East. Look at what the Syrian civil war has done. Weakened enemies to the north and an independent unrestrained Israel emerging. People keep saying Israel is looking for a new benefactor, like France, but Israel has the greatest benefactor of all….God. Like in the Old Testament, Israel’s enemies have fought each other and one is almost dead the other is now too weak to confront Israel.

U.S. Official: Israel’s Position on Iran Could Lead to War

The logic of the White House escapes me. Iran is driving this crisis. They have yet to give up anything in negotiations but somehow Israel is blamed. Why does Iran need to nuclear weapon? How does Israel threaten Iran? There are daily hate statements coming out of Iran directed at Israel. Why? Did I miss something in history where Israel attacked Iran? Did Jews enslave Persians at some point? You really have to search for the source of the hate towards Israel.  If not Israel, what country threatens Iran enough to warrant nuclear weapons? The only explanation is that the hate is ancient and demonic.

Hamas: Our Rockets Will Reach North of Tel Aviv

Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas member of parliament and senior figure in the terrorist organization, threatened increased Hamas missile range in the next confrontation, saying that if Israel struck Gaza, Hamas would fire missiles at “targets north of Tel Aviv.”

“We are not bluffing.” Israel ready to strike Iran alone, says Netanyahu’s outgoing national security advisor.

I agree they are not bluffing, at least not in the Obama sense, but they are cutting it rather close, no?

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