Articles of the Day 11/26/13

Are We Sure About The Pre-Trib Rapture?

Q. I believe in the pretrib-rapture. But there are some who say Christians are setting ourselves up for a big disappointment. I know there’s different views and I have studied all of those. Can these Bible prophecy experts say for sure that this is the only way it can happen or is there a possibility that a pre trib may not be right. I honestly believe with all my heart that the pre trib is the only one that makes sense according to the scripture. However is there a chance that we could be interpreting Scripture wrong?

A. There are different views on when the rapture of the Church will take place relative to other end times events. Proponents of each view cite Scripture to support their positions. Some of these Scriptures are subject to interpretation. But there are three verses that in my opinion are crystal clear and require no interpretation. They all point to the rapture timing as being prior to the end times judgments. …More

Seven loopholes favoring a nuclear Iran in deal signed by the world powers

Most Israelis believe interim Iran deal endangers them

And for good reason.

Israel to open new industrial park with Jordan

Jordan seems to be the only Arab country who actually sees the economic benefit of Israel. While this is nice, it does run counter to prophecy as Jordan is an enemy of Israel in the Psalm 83 war. One issue of contention between the two is the Temple Mount. Interesting that this is happening with Iran pretty much a nuclear state now.

Iran talks reverberate through web of Mideast alliances

I don’t think anyone but God understands this deal. I certainly don’t think Obama understands the implications. I think he is trying to get the issue off his plate. Ironically it will consume his last years in office because it has done nothing but brought war closer in the region. Really short-sighted by the administration.

Saudis ‘Lied To’ by US, Pursue Independent Policy

It will be interesting to see how the Saudis respond to this. In many ways they are the biggest loser here. A nuclear Iran right next door has to make them nervous. I still don’t see the alliance between them and Israel as some like to suggest.

Israel hosts largest-ever aerial maneuver drill 

Not sure why the Americans are participating here. Pretending to care I suppose.

World Doubts Obama Will Enforce Red Line on Iran

Josh Rogin states the obvious.

The Turkey, Russia, Iran Nexus

Not sure I agree with everything in this paper but the last paragraph is golden….

“In conclusion, the most likely catalyst for creating a durable geopolitical subsystem
alignment between Turkey, Russia, and Iran would be a U.S. misstep. The United States
must avoid that—particularly in the Middle East—and actively seek to improve to the
maximum extent bilateral partnerships with each of these important countries while
articulating and executing strategies for engagement in the regions most important to
their interests.”

Asking the Obama administration not to misstep in it’s foreign policy is humorous since that is what their whole foreign policy been from day 1.

Israeli author: “I think this deal makes an Israeli strike inevitable.”

One would think so, but the Israelis don’t seem to be eager about attacking Iran. I think there is a good chance they don’t attack and allow Iran to be nuclear also. Even their own military is quite divided about attacking. Without American support, I really don’t see it and Israel’s enemies in Ezekiel war don’t seem to fear nuclear retaliation so what is preventing that?

TAU Analysts: No Israeli Strike on Iran for 6 Months

Well see. They may not attack at all. However, if Iran becomes so overconfident an attack won’t happen that is when Israel will strike. The only thing sure is that God has a plan for this and for each one of us.

Now the Twelfth Imam Can Come

“Barack Obama, by acceding to the Iranians’ nuclear ambitions, has given a tremendous impetus to these revenge fantasies, probably not realizing or caring that Iran’s mullahs take the prophesies of the Twelfth Imam very seriously indeed – seriously enough for them to bet the entire world upon them. Obama has just made the odds appear to them to be considerably more favorable than they were just a week ago.”

I agree the implications of this deal will be felt for decades.

Iran: Complete and Unmitigated Surrender

“Realizing the weakness of his arguments, Kerry is desperately asking, “What is the alternative?” In doing so he is acknowledging that the administration is weak and has no stomach for stopping Iran from achieving its ultimate objective.”

History certainly does repeat itself. Mainly because human nature has not really changed.

The president of Turkey wants Egypt to reinstate Mohamed Morsi as president

“Any student of Bible prophecy knows that both Egypt and Turkey play key roles in the end times scenario that’s found in Bible prophecy. For Egypt that would be Daniel 11:40-43 and for Turkey, Ezekiel 38:2, 6. These passages of Scripture lay out how a coalition of nations with these two major players, Turkey and Egypt participants as they attack Israel with the desire to totally eliminate the Jewish state from the Middle East and these prophecies say this will happen in the last days, Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38.”


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