Articles of the Day 12/2/13

Former CIA, AMAN chiefs: Iran is a nuclear threshold state and can no longer be stopped

I think we will see more and more voice this opinion, this is part of the narrative that will get the general people of the world accustomed to a nuclear Iran. For all the tough talk the US and Israel both failed here.

So much for that Israeli-Saudi alliance 

The Temple Mount is becoming a daily issue seen in the headlines. It has major prophetic significance.

Obama Has Accepted a Nuclear Iran

Five Reasons Israel Won’t Attack Iran

I agree with the first but the rest are kinda weak to me.

Report: Israel’s geostrategic status in Mideast improves

I also agree that Israel’s position is improved but yet to see if they will take advantage.

Israel and U.S. to Hold Joint Drill as Iran Deal Expires

Really seems it would be too late to attack at this point. The windows has just about closed. I don’t think the Israelis will attack.

UN condemns Israel 6 times, declares ‘Year of Palestine’

This is all the UN does anymore. What shameful institution it has become.

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