Articles of the Day 12/4/13

Slaying Hizballah commander ratchets up Saudi covert war on Iran and Lebanese proxy

The murder and the mystery

OSINT Summary: Senior Hizbullah commander assassinated in Lebanon

50/50 that is Saudi or Israeli intelligence who pulled it off. Issacharoff makes the case that it is the Israelis:

“According to various Lebanese reports, Laqis was one of the heads of Hezbollah’s rocket and ammunition procurement division — a post that combines research and development for Hezbollah with work that is technologically oriented, particularly where missiles are concerned.Therefore, Israel clearly stood to gain by harming him.”

“And yet, the assassination method, along with Laqis’s personal history, raise significant doubts as to the possibility that Sunni radicals were involved. And Israel has already tried to assassinate the man, more than once, “in more than one place,” as Hezbollah declared Wednesday.”

“According to Hezbollah’s statement, Laqis’s assassination was carried out around midnight by three killers. They knew not just where Laqis lived, but also the time he was expected to come home. They shot him dead — a method vastly different from the tactics usually employed by Sunni Muslim extremists (who usually employ car bombs, suicide bombers and the like).”

“Laqis has been described as one of the most senior commanders of Hezbollah’s military wing but one who is not widely known to the public. Therefore, Sunni extremists whose main aim is to plant terror and fear in the hearts of Shiites would have had no clear motive for targeting him.”

These are good points, hard to argue with but look it at from the Saudis point of view. How can they hurt Hezbollah and get plausible deniability? If it was the Saudis this would be a remarkable feat. But how does this assassination advance their cause in Syria? A better target might be the Hezbollah commander directly associated with the Syria fighting. I agree here that Israel has more to gain by taking out this particular target.

UPDATE: Lebanese source: Hezbollah official was part of UAV program

More evidence it was the Israelis ?

Hezbollah blames Saudi for embassy attack

Odd that Hezbollah has not retaliated against Riyadh then.

Gog/Magog Vs. Armageddon

Q. I was hoping you could give the differences between the battle of Gog and Magog and the battle of Armageddon. For example, in one the bodies are buried and the other they are consumed by the fowl of the air. Thank you again for your time and effort on the website.

A. In addition to the one you mentioned, there are several other major differences between Gog/Magog and Armageddon. For example, one involves only some nations, mostly in the Middle East, while the other involves all the nations of the world. One results in Israel returning to God, the other results in Jesus returning to Israel. One is on the threshold of Daniel’s 70th Week and ushers in a time of tribulation such as the world has never seen, the other is on the threshold of the Millennium and ushers in a time of unparalleled peace.

Always good to get the wisdom of Jack Kelly.


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