Articles of the Day 12/6/13

First roadside bomb against IDF Hermon patrol. No one hurt 

Retaliation for Laqqis hit?

Kerry brings plan integrating West Bank security in planned US-led anti-Al Qaeda regional force

I have lots of problems with this report. It is not believable for one. It is impossible to get the Palestinians to negotiate in good faith let alone them helping in the fight against Al Qaeda. (Remember these are the same people that danced in the streets after 9/11) Sometimes DEBKA articles are more fantasy then reality. Of course, I’m sure the Obama administration would like to kill several birds with one stone here but it is just not feasible. Looping Syria, peace talks, Al Qaeda fight, Egypt, etc into one save all solution is fantasy. Each issue is so complex by itself. Obama can’t handle one alone. For this administration I can see how they would think diplomacy in one big peace solution could rescue their disastrous Middle East foreign policy. Hope and change I guess.

Who killed top Hezbollah military commander Laqqis and why?

I’m thinking Israel. Curious if Israeli intelligence will turn covert ops from Iran towards Hezbollah. We have not really heard much about nuclear scientist assassinations or mysterious plant explosioans in a while.  Perhaps they have thrown in the towel on Iran and decided to get more aggressive in southern Lebanon.

Report: US accepts Israel’s position on Jordan Valley

Well see. I think people are eager to report good news regarding US-Israeli relations. They might just simply agree that a Jew might want to carry a pistol in the Jordan Valley.

Global SITREP B10-13: The Jordan Valley

“As can be determined by reading an article published yesterday morning in The Times of Israel, at the present time Jordan is resolutely supportive of Israel through the IDF maintaining total military control of the Jordan Valley and the West Bank instead of Palestinian Authority’s forces. Amman wants Israel to complete a security fence along this frontier because it would be a security benefit for both Jordan and Israel. Jordan has been telling its American ally that it supports Israel’s position in the ongoing negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. And US SECSTATE John Kerry’s notion of an international security force for this region has already been shot down in flames, almost before it was presented to these nations.”

Really interesting that Jordan and Egypt have been more helpful for Israeli security then the US has been in the past year. Also, noteworthy these countries appear to be enemies with Israel in the Psalm 83 war.

Israel on Alert Along Lebanon Border after al-Laqqis Murder

I touched on this yesterday, Hizbullah would be foolish to respond in a big way. Although they are not known for being the smartest bunch either.

Confirming The Covenant Of Daniel 9:27 

It will be interesting to see who steps up from Europe. I agree the US or even Russia would  be too biased. Can’t be an Arab army. However, after the Psalm 83 war would their be a need for such a peace keeping force?

Israel’s drive for energy independence creating wave of sustainable start ups

A bit out of scope for my blog but it is interesting how Israel is becoming a technological power house. Perhaps the Lord is using technology as a means to release Israel from its dependence on US and Europe.

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