Articles of the Day 12/9/2013

Bomb on Israeli-Syrian border was aimed at IDF patrol

Golan Explosion Was Bomb Targeting IDF

Could be a response to the Laqqis hit. Timing very suspect.

Tension at Temple Mount is escalating week by week

The Temple Mount is taking center stage as a big issue in the Middle East. This could be the issue that drives a wedge in an otherwise civil relationship between Israel and Jordan.

Pentagon approves $1.1 bln Raytheon missile sale to Saudi Arabia

The US is arming Saudi Arabia to the teeth. Question is why do this but not back them up diplomatically?

How Will The Rapture Happen?

Jack Kelly explains things so will and so clearly.

Iran to put two satellites into orbit by yearend

Iran to start mass-production of three new radars

Iran says it improves accuracy of missiles

Well see. Lots of fantasy with Iranian weapons announcements. I think this is meant to intimidate the Gulf states.

General: US Agrees with Us on Jordan Valley

Report: Kerry to Postpone Terrorist Release to Pressure PA

Palestinian official: Kerry’s peace ideas will lead to ‘total failure’

They were doomed to failure because of Palestinian reluctance to actually have to negotiate and compromise. They are in it just for the terrorist release. They are not willing to give up anything. What have they given up up to this point? What has Israel given up at this point? It is totally lopsided, if you don’t know. Israel has given up land, prisoners, money, energy, etc. The Palestinians are literally raping the Israelis with world consent. I’m actually surprised the US is pretending to back Israel here. Guess they are scrambling trying to make up for the Iran fiasco.

Mossad agent or Mossad target?

This is a crazy theory but interesting for a novel I suppose. Hezbollah trying to save face after one of their top guys got taken out.




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