Articles of the Day 12/11/13

Analyst: Kerry’s Jordan Valley Arrangements ‘A Death-Trap’

Good thing both sides hate this plan. Is there really not one creative military mind in the US that they have to look back at old 1967 plans. Only God can fix this problem if he desires. Man cannot find a solution on his own.

Ex-IDF chief: Israel prefers that Assad stay in power

His words probably fall on deaf ears in Israel because he led the IDF to utter failure in the 2006 Lebanon war.

U.S. strategy in the Middle East

“The United States has four core interests in the Middle East: the free flow of oil, the security of Israel, countering terrorism, and preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction—weapons that would allow Middle Eastern pathologies to spill over and endanger the world. On occasion, some have tried to add the promotion of human rights or democracy to this short list of interests. When that has happened, under the impetus of a Jimmy Carter or a George W. Bush, it’s lasted for a few years, and then dropped off. Democracy and human rights are nice-to-haves for the United States. “

I don’t agree with much in this article but it is interesting nonetheless.  The author asserts near the end that what the Obama administration is doing is not appeasement. I disagree, appeasement, avoidance, and afterthought are the pillars of Obama Middle East strategy. Call them the AAAs of Obama.

Gulf nations to create joint military command

Looks to be a symbolic gesture.

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