Monitor The IDF: A Role in Prophecy?

Israel orders two German destroyers to defend gas fields 

The buildup in the Mediterranean begins.

Looking Hezbollah in the Eyes: Druze Soldiers Prepare for the Enemy

Interesting quote in the comments:

“One of every ten homes in Lebanon will have to be destroyed, because they hide missiles inside. Protect your home front at all costs. If civilians must fall during the next war, they must be the enemy’s civilian population, not yours. You are only responsible for protecting Israeli civilians and soldiers. I’m not suggesting to attack other civilians deliberately as Hisbushaytan does, but Hezbollah is the only one putting Lebanese civilians in danger by using them as human shields while attacking Israeli civilians on purpose. Hezbollah is more powerful than a state (it has more rockets and missiles than most countries). IDF must fully apply the Dahiya doctrine. Hezbollah dominates Lebanon, but it doesn’t want to pay the price for it. Israel must regard Lebanon as the enemy.”

The Sign of the Israeli Military: 7 Amazing Prophecies

“….I got on the Internet to check these figures out to make sure, and all of the research groups that rank military power in the world rank Israel as between number 10 and number 15 in military power in the world right now. We’re talking about a nation that is only 300 miles long and only 75 miles wide. It’s one of the smallest nations in the world, and yet it’s one of the world’s great military powers. In fact, they not only rank it that high, but most of them rank Israel number one in the effective use of its power.

The seventh prophecy would be about the refocusing of world politics upon the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem. The Bible says that in the end times this will be the last of the prophecies fulfilled about Israel. All the nations of the world will come against Israel for the purpose of forcing them to give up the city of Jerusalem. And today, the whole world is in the process of doing just that….”


Reagan on the Israeli Military

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