Articles of the Day 12/12/13

Israel’s Three U.N. Allies

The US, Canada, and Australia. That is it. And these are sometimes iffy. If there is one clear indication that we are in the end of the age is that Israel has very few friends and will one day stand completely alone.

Israel: Startup & Cyber Security World Player

“Today, Israel is gaining a new reputation as more people begin to think of it as a pioneer in cyber technology and security; a field for major players like Google and IBM, and a region where startups are the hottest commodity for investors. Saul Klein, a London-based venture capitalist, and recently appointed tech envoy to Israel from the United Kingdom, said of the small but mighty nation, “it is Silicon Valley for the rest of the world.” 

God is positioning Israel to become a world super power.

Analysis: A stronger Iran, a weaker America and a region teetering on the brink 

“What happened in Geneva came after a series of steps that can only be seen as demonstrating the overwhelming will of the American president to distance himself from the region: getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, with no tangible success; abandoning Mubarak, backing the Muslim Brothers and even turning his back on the new Egyptian regime battling radical Islam; zigzagging about Syria; and recently rumored to be conducting secret talks with Hezbollah and radical Islamic factions in Syria.”

We Really Need to Talk About Corruption

Put simply, the current Palestinian regime, led first by Yasser Arafat and now by President Mahmoud Abbas, is ossified, brittle, and distrusted by the Palestinian street. The failure to address this problem would most likely lead to the birth of a failed state that crushes Palestinian freedom and economic growth, threatens Israel, and fosters radicalism—making American diplomatic efforts today seem, in retrospect, tragically flawed despite the huge investment of resources and political credibility.”

My theory is, the less Christianity in government the more likely it is to be corrupt. Now the media will display with flair famous exceptions but by an large the further away from God a government is the more corruption there seems to be. Nearly every Arab government is infected by corruption, some worse then others. This really got me thinking, what government can be said to be truly Christian? I think most are in name only. The Palestinians….doubtful a Christian among them in government.

Congress triples Obama’s request on defense cooperation with Israel

“Separately, the House on Wednesday passed 399-0 a bill that would enhance the US commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region. The bill, initiated by Reps. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) and Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) increases the frequency that the president must report to Congress on the maintenance of Israel’s advantage, from once every four years to once every two years, and adds requests for reports on cyber security and asymmetric warfare.”

The best friend right now for Israel is the US Congress. God has impressed upon them to help Israel since the President is not. 399-0 that is miraculous when you understand divided congress is. Different story probably in the Senate but likely enough to pass any pro-Israel bill.

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