Articles of the Day 12/13/13

On Iran, Divide Among Israelis Is Not So Large

“Despite the divergence of their initial assessments of the deal from that of Netanyahu, Yadlin and Ben-Israel agree with the prime minister that Israel cannot live with a nuclear Iran. Both pillars of Israel’s national security establishment have publicly stated that if the choice comes down to bombing Iran or allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon, then despite the big risks and potentially high costs, Israel should take military action.”

No US, EU objections to Iran holding nuclear-capable missiles able to reach Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey 

“The US and European delegates gave the Iranians to understand that they would like to extend the six-month nuclear freeze agreed in Geneva (for which no starting date has yet been set) to the apply to extra range being added to Iran’s ballistic missiles.There was no objection, they said, to Iran retaining the Shehab missiles with a range of 1,500-2,000 km, which would be capable of striking Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They were only concerned about extending their range to cover America or Europe.”

This is why it is bad to have another state negotiate for you. The Obama administration is not even looking after American interests let alone Israeli interests. This whole agreement has made war more likely not less likely. Appeasement usually does.

Bennett: No to Security Arrangements from US

“Bennett notes that similar security arrangements in Lebanon, Iran and Syria have actually worked against their aims.”

He is right. Time and time again the President has made policy decisions that consistently put Israel at greater risk. The US should not be trusted. All credibility has been lost. Israelis should continue to work with US congress but the President is a lost cause.

Hamas: Israel Engineering an Earthquake Attack on Al-Aqsa

These conspiracy theories are quite popular in the Middle East. Part of the whole blame , scapegoat Israel at every occasion theme. Ironic these claims come from Hamas when Israel provides them medical care, food, energy, etc. Blame the victim, it works.

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