Articles of the Day 12/16/13: IDF soldier killed in unprovoked attack by LAF

IDF: Dead soldier took side road, not main road, to IDF outpost

Lebanon, Israel to Hold ‘Urgent’ Talks after Shooting

Lebanese soldier who killed IDF soldier in border attack found

Israeli soldier killed by Lebanese shooter. IDF on high alert calls up reinforcements

This was retaliation for the Al-Lakiss’ assassination. The LAF was used  in the hopes Israel would not respond forcefully. The fact the LAF shooter reported back to his base means he was following orders. The route Shlomi Cohen used must have been under observation for sometime and IDF personnel must have used this route several times without incident. Cohen must have felt confident he would be safe on that route. This latest incident shows the LAF and Hezbollah are acting under the same orders. There have been reports the IDF as responded by shooting at two LAF soldiers but this is not confirmed. The IDF seems to be taking a cautious approach to this but this is a serious escalation and it follows the planting of at least road side bombs aimed at IDF patrols. Now that IDF soldier it remains to bee seen if things will dial back. Hezbollah got their payback, but will it be enough? If more serious incidents occur the IDF will need to respond in a big way. They should do so now but I think they will wait.  They are playing a chess game right now and tensions are growing ever higher.

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