Articles of the Day: Hamas can’t help themselves

Hamas, Jihad Islami in Gaza promise more terror 

Weekend of Attacks: Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket at Israel, Attempt to Breach Border Twice

Rocket from Gaza exploded harmlessly at night

Rocket from Gaza falls near children’s bus stop

Israel says bus blast was “terrorist attack”

Hamas appears to be itching for a fight. Here is the thing. Israel did nothing when a Lebanese sniper kills an Israeli soldier so now Hamas figures they can conduct low level attacks and Israel will not respond. This is the result of an inconsistent policy by the Israeli government. Israel may yet respond. There were no causalities by the grace of God but is that the calculus the Israelis use when determining if they should respond or not? Think about this. Israel is looking pretty weak right now. They don’t respond in the north (where one is killed), they don’t respond in the south where they narrowly avoided a mass causality event.  And they sit idly by as Iran marches toward nukes. For some reason, Israel does not want a conflict right now. Why? Their whole strategy is built on deterrence but you have to deter or it won’t work. Are they bidding there time? Do they know a reckoning is coming?

Report: Israel gets ready for ‘short, sharp war’ against Hezbollah

I guess I am not sure what Faber’s argument is. Should Israel do nothing and let all the missiles and rockets in to save some money? What was the point of saving all that money if you are completely destroyed? Is there a less expensive alternative? Should Israel just conquer all that lands on her border. Yeah that will be cheap.

How’s this for a success story?

I think Carl is living in a dream world. The IDF will never be able to completely stop every sing rocket or missile. The truth is deterrence is having an effect. If you want all the rockets to stop then tell your government to stop giving up land. Tell your government to stop releasing terrorists. Tell your government to respond to every provocation. Tell your government to  stop negotiating with terrorists. Appeasement breeds terror. The more appeasement you give the more terror you will receive.  Start there if you want perfection.

Report: US Furious at Israel Equipment Transfer to China

Because the US has lost credibility they have also lost influence. Expect more of these flaps as time goes on. Israel will soon kick the US to the curb.

Iran successfully launches long range missile

Don’t worry though they don’t have nukes so it is ok. Oh wait….

Lebanese press: IDF soldier ‘provoked’ shooting by urinating on fence

It is pretty typical in the Middle East to attack Israel then blame them for ‘provoking’ the attack even though they did nothing. The fact Israelis breath air is an offense to Muslims.

The Risk of Being Hit By Israel

I agree Israel has the ability to surprise her enemies. Often her enemies underestimate her abilities and and overestimate their own abilities. This is God’s influence on events.

Explaining The Sheep And Goat Judgment

Q. Can you please explain again how Messiah was meaning His Jewish brethren when talking about “if you did it to the least of these my brothers, you were doing it to me”, and how it means we should be helping the Jews today, whether monetarily or otherwise. Someone I’m talking to thinks it only means fellow believers, and I don’t think that’s entirely correct. Am I wrong in my thinking?
A. First let’s get the timing right so we can identify the intended audience. Your quote is from Matt. 25:40, part of the so-called Sheep and Goat judgment. (Matt. 25:31-46) The passage begins with the phrase “When the son of man comes in His glory … ” (Matt. 25:31) This indicates the timing is just after the 2nd Coming.

The event He was speaking of is the judgment of Tribulation Survivors, believers and unbelievers who will have survived the Great Tribulation and are still alive on Earth at its end. Believers are going to be rewarded for their faith and received into the Millennial Kingdom on Earth in their natural states (Matt. 25:34-36). They’ll help re-populate the Earth. Unbelievers will be removed from the planet to join the devil and his angels in the place prepared for them, and will be seen no more (Matt. 25:41-43). The Lord will use their treatment of His brethren as evidence of their heart condition toward Him since aiding Jews during the Great Tribulation will be a serious offense against the anti-Christ’s government, and only a true believer would take such a risk.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not our job to help the less fortunate in the here and now. It just means that Matt 25:31-46 is intended for tribulation survivors, not the Church.

Remember these two things. First, the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24-25) was meant for Israel, and second, everything after Matt. 24:36 will take place at or following the 2nd Coming.

As Jack explains it, you feel really humbled. Your either in or your out. He will decide. You can make the choice now though by repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Stop being a rebel. Open your heart and have a talk with him. He wants you too.

Israeli Military Carries Out Drills Near Border Town of Maroun al-Ras

Every little issue no matter how small could ignite things.

Terrorists for Human Rights

Those of us who have been watching International events for some time already know to be wary of Human Rights groups. You can tell the ones who have an agenda and the ones who don’t. If they target Israel or the US for rather minor offenses but then look the other way at regimes and terrorists groups that target civilian populations they are pretty easy to spot. They lose all credibility right away. Unfortunately, they also hurt the cause of legitimate Human Rights groups. Honestly though,  there are very few of these. Be wary of anything that claims ‘Human Rights’ or to be a ‘charity’. Odds are they are a political organization out to do evil. You can lump the UN with this group as well. Evil comes in the name of doing good so you don’t see they are really doing evil.


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