Articles of the Day 1/6/14

The Evil of Replacement Theology: Future of Israel

Unfortunately, I might have to deal with this at my own church.  Truly sad. But also one of the main reasons for this blog. 🙂 If you believe God has cast away the Jewish people for the Church then you don’t know prophecy and you don’t know scripture. Replacement Theology is Satan twisting your mind.  Resist and seek the truth. God loves Israel and always will. He also loves the Church. WE are a family.

#BDS_FAIL: ‘Palestinians’ first buyers of Israeli natural gas

It is remarkable how two faced the Palestinians can be. Economies for both peoples would be much better were it not for the hate from the Palestinians.

Rebel infighting spreads across Syria

I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of the civil war. But the end will be drawn out for years.  If ISIL is removed then Assad will remain in power for the foreseeable future, though still reliant on Iran and Russia.  The other rebel groups simply are not strong enough, even if they remain united. Unless there is foreign intervention, and I am not talking about the West. Saudi Arabia has invested alot in the rebel cause  and not gained a whole lot. The question is do they up the ante here?

Lapid: Opportunity is golden now to divorce Palestinians

I just don’t understand the crazy desire for peace at any cost by the Israeli left. Lets say there is a peace agreement between Israel and the PA. Will Israel be that much better off? They still have Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, as well as Al Qaeda in the Sinai. The framework for peace will likely weaken Israel and there will be no real security. They might get recognition but is that worth giving up security in the Jordan Valley? What Israel is asking for and what they are being asked to give up are way out of balance. The reason why this could happen though is not really US pressure but the Israelis themselves. Leftists politicians some how believe all their problems will be solved by a peace  with the PA. The reality is not much will be solved.

A “Double War Crime”

This was from several days ago but I wanted to highlight the double standard Israel has to follow in this world. Hezbollah launches their rockets from civilian population centers and they also target Israeli civilian populations. This really is a double war crime. Yet Hezbollah is never really held accountable for this. If Israel were to use these same tactics they would be crucified. ‘Human Rights’ groups often blame Israel with fierce condemnation when the Israelis simply defend themselves. But when Hezbollah attacks civilians they don’t say much of anything.  Know likes to admit it but in general the world is anti-Semitic.

Hezbollah Moving Long-Range Missiles From Syria to Lebanon, an Analyst Says

I think Israelis know they can’t prevent every single missile from Hezbollah. They are just trying to mange the threat. It is also difficult to do anything about it during ‘peace’ negotiations. This is what is so troubling about these peace talks. They are weakening Israel each day.

 Israel’s Christian Awakening

It is interesting to see that Christians in the middle east are not blinded with hate. They could be as easily as a Muslim but they are not. Why is that? Even in the West there are many so called Christians who hate Israel. God is really setting the stage for the unveiling to the Jewish people.

IDF concerned Hezbollah could bring Israeli ports to a halt

The IDF has been aware that Hezbollah has had these missiles for some time. While this is disturbing, I’m sure the IDF has a way to deal with them.

US-Israel Arrow-3 Marks Milestone Test

This is good. And this missile system will save lives but the amount missiles her enemies have are overwhelming. Conquering enemy territory will still be required.

 Israel a step closer to the moon, with propulsion deal

It is breathtaking the level of technical sophistication in Israel now. God is setting up Israel to be a superpower. Here enemies are blind to it so they will taken by surprise one day.

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