Articles of the Day 1/9/14: evil vs evil and weakness

The high price of Obama’s Mideast peace push

“As a result of all this, there is simply no Palestinian entity that can make and implement the kinds of commitments necessary to sustain a true peace agreement. This is the basic reason why the current Obama-Kerry effort must inevitably fail.”

Peace may actually be imposed. It will result in a weaker Israel temporarily. Everything happening is with the intent to weaken Israel and make her turn to the Lord. Perceived weakness of Israel will make war more likely.  The peace Kerry is offering is an illusion.

The Jordan Valley: Israel’s security belt

“Advocates of turning over the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians also discount its topographical importance by referring to current military technology, which allows precision strikes from a distance. They argue that the ability to launch defensive strikes from the coast eliminates the strategic need for the Jordan Valley as a means of defense. Yet, these armchair strategists overlook the history of military technology, which shows a clear oscillation between the dominance of offensive and defensive measures over the centuries. The belief that the technology of today — which indeed temporarily reduces the importance of topography — will remain unchallenged constitutes a dangerous strategic fallacy.”

Could not agree more. Why is Israel so eager to give up their land?

Destroying the Temple Mount

It is a shame what is happening on the Temple Mount. One has to ask though, why did Israel give up sovereignty over the area to begin with?  Every time Israel willingly gives up the land God gave them it has not worked out well for them. God wants them to keep the land. To fight for it. The land belongs to God who gave it to the Jewish people. The world wants to give it away to Muslims who do not deserve it. It is terrible what is happening at the Temple Mount but it is largely Israel’s own doing.

How Does the Israel Air Force Find its Targets and Minimize Civilian Casualties?

The enemies of Israel know the world well condemn Israel for any civilian causalities even though terrorists use them as human shields and provoke attacks. Every time the world condemns Israel but little is said about the terrorists tactics. There is a real double standard in the world where terrorists are forgiven and Israel is criticized for defending herself.  There would be more stability in the Middle East if world leaders would hold terrorists groups and their state sponsors accountable for their war crimes. Everyday a Palestinian attacks a Jewish civilian but the world acts as though Israel deserves it. God will judge the world because of this acceptance of violence against the Jewish people.

After Mortars Fired from Gaza, Israel Air Force Targets Terrorists, Terror Site

Another unprovoked attack by Hamas against Israel. World is silent.

Iran blatantly defies five key Geneva Pact commitments – heads for nuclear arsenal

This is not what President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry or Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to hear or bring to general knowledge. The Iranians have no such inhibitions and are making no bones about flouting at least five separate clauses of the nuclear pact they signed in Geneva – plus one:

1. There has been no suspension or slowdown of 20-percent uranium enrichment.

2. Uranium enrichment to 3.5- and 5-percent purity continues apace in disregard of the ceiling agreed in Geneva.

3. Advanced IR-2m centrifuges continue to roll off the assembly lines. Making a slight bow to the pact, they are being installed at Fordo and Natanz in individual units, not cascades. The Geneva pact bans their installation in any shape or form.

4. Iran has not stopped preparations for moving up to 60-percent enrichment and is being urged by many voices at home to go up to 80 percent. Iran’s pretext is that this level is necessary to fuel the reactors of the nuclear vessels it is building.

5. There has been no pause in the high-speed construction of the heavy water-plutonium plant at Arak.

6. Neither is there any slowdown at the research and development centers for nuclear weapons. Since the military dimension of Iran’s nuclear program was left unmentioned in the Geneva accord, Tehran is at liberty to continue this pursuit free of international inspection while denying it is taking place.

This agreement did nothing except give Iran what it wanted. Israel needs to act but likely won’t. Saudi Arabia wants to act but can’t. Obama has offered the whole middle east to Iran on a silver platter. The West is weak and has once again appeased evil. Now evil will wash over region and much suffering will result.

Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East

Mostly because of the inept and weak responses by Obama.  In every crisis he has projected that he is afraid to use American power. Obama, Kerry, Clinton all of them are afraid to stand up to evil. I fear Netanyahu has succumbed to weakness. He has let Obama disarm him. Now Israel faces extinction in one night. God has positioned evil to a point where it must be confronted. All that is missing is a leader who does not fear this evil? Will the anti-Christ come and save Israel and the West and pretend to be a savoir? Can a greater evil destroy a lessor evil? Yes it can and deceive the world while doing it.

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