Articles of the Day 1/14/14: Frustration and Realization

Defense minister trashes Kerry and his peace proposals

“He also lamented that the Palestinians had yet to give up anything in the ongoing peace negotiations, while Israel had “released murderers,” a reference to a series of prisoner discharges in which 78 longtime Palestinian terror convicts have been freed in recent months. “Enough is enough.”

Growing frustration and realization in Israel over how bad the peace talks are going for Israel.

Iran’s Rouhani: ‘World Powers Surrendered to Iranian Nation’s Will’

“Our relationship w/ the world is based on Iranian nation’s interests. In #Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will,” Rouhani tweeted about an hour ago.

More truth comes out of Tehran then Washington these days.

Israel Plans to Slash Namer Production by 60%


“Israel Ministry of Defense is slashing its planned procurement of Namer Infantry Fighting Vehicle by more than half; Under the next multi-year plan, currently formulated in Tel-Aviv, the planned allocation for the Namer procurement will be revised to no more than 170 vehicles produced through 2017. The first batch of US produced Namer hulls were delivered to Israel by the end of 2013. The seven hulls are being fitted with Israeli-made systems in Israel, prior to delivery to the operational units. Namer ICVs are currently deployed with the infantry battalions of the Golani Brigade.”

With wars on the horizon, it is disturbing Israel has decided to cut military spending. This will result in lost lives on the battlefield. Namer means leopard. This article says the Americans built the hull but Wikipedia says the Israeli Ordnance Corps developed the vehicle. Since the hull is based on the Merkava odd the Americans would be producing it.

Obama withholds from Israel details of nuclear accord with Iran: Tehran denies dismantling its program

“It was the first time US President Barack Obama personally vetoed a briefing to Israel on the content of the international nuclear negotiations he instigated – notwithstanding his private and public pledges to Netanyahu of “full transparency.”

Nothing really surprises me about this administration anymore.

John Kerry and Israel’s Security Priorities

“These matters are then Israel’s real and primary concern, or at least they should be. Yet, at the moment Israel risks being distracted by the relentless circus of Kerry’s sideshow diplomacy. When it comes to ending conflicts, securing peace and securing the survival of peoples, the most pressing matters do not center on the Palestinians but Iran and its proxy armies. Yet, the Obama administration’s softly-softly approach on Iran, currently materializing in the form of its efforts to ease sanctions on the mullahs, mean that the really serious threats to Israel are now becoming critical. Kerry is quite right when he counsels from Jerusalem on Israel not being able to afford the luxury of dwelling on distractions. Right now, however, Kerry’s shoot-for-the-stars negotiations with Abbas are serving as the most dangerous distraction of all.”

That really is the issue. Israel is preoccupied with peace talks that will go nowhere and should be preparing for the coming wars instead. Perhaps that is the whole point of all of this. Distract Israel.

Study warns of growing threat to Israel from Al-Qaeda

“According to the memorandum, in the third decade of the organization’s operations there is a clear indication that global jihadists aim to attack Israel, as an alternative to the West, via cells in Lebanon, Syria and the Sinai Peninsula.”

Do we really need a study to know this?

Three Palestinian noes for peace deal

“The Palestinians stand by their refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, their opposition to a united Jerusalem, and uncompromising demand for the restoration of Palestinian refugees to Israeli soil. These key obstacles to a peace accord with Israel were endorsed by Arab foreign ministers when they met in Paris Monday, according to Palestinian foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki. This decision came after US Secretary of State John Kerry met them in Paris and requested their cooperation for bringing the Palestinians round to more amenable positions in the talks he instigated with Israel.”

The talks will fail because the Palestinians have refused to negotiate in good faith.  Their whole goal all along was to see what they could get without giving up anything. The Palestinian people don’t want peace so their leaders are not obliged to seek it. It is sad because their own hearts will lead them to destruction. Pray for these people.

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