Be an Israeli for 2 minutes

Hamas_Rocket _Threat

Hamas Rocket Threat-Israel

Hamas Rocket Threat CA

Mexican Rocket Threat-CA

The population of San Diego is over 1.3 million not including surrounding communities within range of the Fajr-5. Imagine living in San Diego with your family being under constant threat of rocket and missile attack at any moment. Now imagine the whole world coming against you and forcing you to negotiate with Mexico and that you must give up 80% of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas,Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin,  Louisiana and hopefully parts of Chicago and Detroit or be faced with a European boycott of all your trade and a Mexican Intifada. Millions of your own citizens will need to be forcibly relocated so Mexican refugees can exercise their ‘right of return’ and inhabit the land God rightfully gave you and your people. The Mexicans also claim the city of New York even though historically it has always been your city. By the way, in order to have the privilege of negotiating with the Mexicans you must release hundreds of Mexican terrorists who have murdered hundreds of your own people.

Now also imagine China has called for your country to be wiped of the map and you cannot negotiate with them because another country thinks it knows better your security needs better then you do. You know China will attack once it gets a nuclear weapon but you are asked by this other country to trust them and wait for diplomacy to work. Meanwhile China races towards a weapon that can obliterated your existence.

Be an Israeli for two minutes and ask yourself if this fair? If you can ever really feel safe under any peace agreement? Now ask yourself if perhaps it is time to repent, turn to God, ask for forgiveness, and pray.

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