Articles of the Day 1/16/14: The fall of Islam

The Fall of Islam: Islam’s End

“Looking at these biblical end time wars, I really don’t believe that Islam has much of a future left, because the end time signs are pointing to the soon return of Jesus Christ. We could have a Psalm 83 War at any minute, along with the destruction of Damascus as prophesied in Isaiah 17. They could literally occur at any minute. The Gog-Magog alliance of nations already exists. Europe is so fragile that they are ready for a leader to take over. Everything is in place.”

Terrific article by Nathan Jones at Lamb & Lion ministries  about the fate of Islam. Complete with maps. Very much worth your time.

Loss of the Jordan Valley equals loss of security 

“First, surrendering our hold on the Jordan Valley will destroy one of the longitudinal axes that are essential to the State of Israel. This will preclude Israel’s ability to enforce a future demilitarized State of Palestine and expose Jordan to a Palestinian coup, as well as expose Israel to possible danger on its eastern front.

Israel’s wartime strategy is based on “interior lines.” Israel doesn’t fortify or permanently position a given command on a given front, but rather sends command units to wherever they’re needed, as they’re needed.

This strategy derives from the relatively limited budgets and small number of personnel that serve in the regular and reserve forces. Strengthening the command in a given area – for defensive or offensive purposes – demands troop repositioning along Israel’s longitudinal axes: the coastal plain and the Jordan Valley. Relinquishing the Jordan Valley axis means forfeiting a crucial longitudinal axis; especially so in light of the relative ease of preventing the passage of forces along the coastal plain axis.

Moreover, new guerrilla warfare techniques have been adopted by many countries, and also from time to time by the Palestinians. The prevalence of guerrilla warfare has magnified the importance of strategic territory and penetration. Today, in an age of missiles, there is no possibility of arguing in favor of giving up land.

This lesson was learned firsthand in the Second Lebanon War, given the difficulty of hitting Hezbollah targets in a war run by guerrilla tactics.”

Good argument for not giving up the Jordan Valley. Why are we debating what Israel must give up? What are the Palestinians giving up?

Iron Dome saves Ashkelon from Gaza rocket barrage 

Ashkelon early Thursday morning. An additional rocket may have landed in an open, uninhabited area. There were no injuries in the Palestinian attack. The Israeli air force retaliated with strikes against four terrorist sites in Gaza, including facilities for weapons manufacture. Palestinian rockets were last fired into Israel shortly after the Ariel Sharon funeral Monday.

There is has been a pickup in rocket fire lately. Not sure of the motivation for this latest round but it will come to light soon enough.

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah are turning rockets to GPS-guided projectiles with a homing sensor

“Israel’s enemies are arming themselves with precision-guided heavy rockets and will inevitably come to possess GPS-guided ballistic missiles, an architect of the Israeli missile defense program warned on Wednesday.

We are talking about escalating a war to quicken it, and end it within three days. They are talking about doing the same. This threat can degrade the IDF’s ground capabilities” via accurate missile strikes on army mobilization and staging grounds, Rubin warned.

“It can paralyze Israel’s war economy. And of course, it can inflict massive casualties.

I’m not talking about Dresden, but Coventry, perhaps,” he said, referring to cities bombed in World War II.

In such a scenario, the IDF would not be able to use its missile defenses to protect the general population, but rather, they would primarily be employed to “preserve Israel’s capability to fight a war, and save lives as far as possible. Priorities will inevitably change,” he said.”

This is disturbing and it confirms the fact that in a major conflict Israel will have to conquer territory to remove the rocket missile threat out of range of Israeli cities. Up to now Israel has been protected to a degree by Iron Dome. But what has really protected Israel is the inaccuracy of enemy missile/rockets. A majority fall harmlessly into open ground. They basically just strike terror. But if they become super accurate causalities will mount and Israeli ability to defend herself will be impaired. Deep offensive maneuver becomes the only option. The time is fast approaching when Israel will have to stand up for herself, alone, against the world. She can do it. God is with her as he is with all of us if we just accept him.

Yaalon’s Unwelcome Peace Process Truths

“Yaalon’s assertion that the negotiations are not between Israel and the Palestinians but between the Jewish state and the U.S. is self-evident. The PA has repeatedly demonstrated that it won’t budge from uncompromising positions against realistic territorial swaps or security guarantees, much less the existential questions of refugees and two states for two peoples. All that has happened in the past year is that Israel has been prevailed upon to bribe the PA by releasing terrorist murderers for the privilege of sitting at a table again with Abbas.”

Good article, all true. The peace process is doomed. It never was alive to begin with.

Report: Yaalon Outburst Provoked by Kerry-led Pressure Campaign

“The report said that the effort was being orchestrated by former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk. The plan is to build a lobby among Israeli security officials to support a major American push for Israel to agree to surrender the Jordan Valley. Between external pressure from the U.S. and internal pressure from the Israeli lobby and the media, Kerry hopes to be able to push Israel into making the decision, without which the Palestinian Authority will not agree to the peace framework he is pushing.”

If this is true, and I think it is, then the Obama administration is truly evil.

Analyst: US Abandoning Middle East, Leaving Iran in Charge

“Here’s my prediction,” she added ominously. “The agreement with Iran will be hailed as a breakthrough. But then, so was Neville Chamberlain’s deal with Adolf Hitler in Munich….at least for a little while.

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