Articles of the Day 2/4/14: Standing Up for Middle East Christians

Peres To Be Last President? Bill Submitted To Cancel Presidency

Kalfa remarked on Tuesday that “the time has come to say things loudly and clearly, the president of the state is a decorative position, unnecessary and wasteful, and his powers could easily be distributed to other authorities. There’s a Knesset, a government selected by the public, and there’s no reason for a fourth branch of government getting involved in issues outside of its authority.”

For good reason, I think this will happen. Peres blew it. 

Hamas redeploys forces along Gaza border

Report: Hamas Infighting Prevented Rocket Attack on Israel

“According to reports in the Arab media, the terrorist group’s unusual silence may be the result of infighting – or may signify that a larger-scale clash is on the way, Maariv/nrg reports.

In terms of why Hamas’ leadership would seek to prevent rocket fire, sources in Gaza suggested to Maariv that Hamas is keeping quiet in preparation for a large-scale assault.

“Hamas forces cleared the rocket-launching areas not in order to allow [other] factions to attack Israel, but because the group is planning a major attack of its own,” they claimed.”

I think Hamas would be very foolish to initiate anything major at this time. They are pretty weak right now and Israel really just needs an excuse to topple Hamas. That is why Hamas did not respond. Right now, with Egypt squeezing them, Israel could really put the hurt on Hamas.  In fact, I think Israel would really like to do so. The talks with the PA may be the only thing preventing that right now. But if a major “Pillar of Defense” type of conflict erupted Israel could go very far and probably eliminate the government in Gaza. 

We must stand up for Middle East’s persecuted Christians

“Christians in the West should stand up for those in the East out of regard for all they have given us over these thousands of years, if for no other reason.”

“See, what most American Christians don’t realize is that the “Islamic World” was once the Christian world. Some of the most well-known and influential leaders in the early church hailed from North Africa and the Middle East – like the warring theologians Athanasius and Arius, and the apologist Tertullian.  It was for the library in Alexandria that the preeminent Greek version of the Torah (the “Septuagint”) was commissioned.”

It really is so sad to see how the West has abandon Christians in the Middle East. Most Western politicians are not Christians though and unbelieving politicians are pretty apathetic towards Christians in their own countries let alone Christians in Arab nations. It is interesting though how Obama, who claims to be a Christian, does nothing to help them. I think he has probably done more gay rights when I think about it.

 Israel as Proof of God’s Existence: Preservation 

“The Hebrew prophets were very precise about this. They made it clear that despite the dispersion of the Jews and their persecution wherever they went, God would supernaturally preserve them as a nation.”

This series from Lamb & Lion Ministries is very enlightening. Worth your time.


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