Monitor the IDF: Old arguments lost in PC era


Old-School Israeli PR Makes the Case for Judea and Samaria

“A public relations video produced by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit more than 30 years ago makes the case for Israel to retain the Judea and Samaria region, from a purely military perspective, and offers a unique glimpse into a very different age, in which official Israeli government bodies were not shy of articulating the need for the Jewish state to maintain control over its Biblical heartland.”

Electronic Weapons: Israel Addresses The Need For Speed

“After the 2006 war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon Israel realized two things; its military was still superior to Arab forces and its military was not as superior as Israel believed it was. The major Israeli deficiency was communications. What the Arabs, or at least Iran-backed Hezbollah, had done was learned to move faster and more resourcefully than the Israelis expected. What really shocked the Israelis was that although they could spot and track these Hezbollah moves they could not get artillery, aircraft or ground troops moved quickly enough to take out a lot of identified targets before the enemy managed to change position. All the different levels of Israeli headquarters and combat units could actually communicate with each other, but not fast enough to hit a target that had been identified and located but was not staying put long enough for the completion of all the procedures and paperwork required to get the strike order sent to the unit best able to carry it out.

The solution was new technology and procedures. Over the last eight years Israel has built a new communications system that is faster and able, according to Israeli claims, to hit five times as many targets as the 2006 era forces could manage. Much of the solution had nothing to do with radical new hardware but to simply standardizing the procedures everyone had long used to call for fire, or to deliver it. Now commanders at all levels can see the same data and call for and receive fire support quickly. Thus when a target is identified the bombs, shells or ground attack follows quickly.

Israel’s defense industry boosts UAV sales, eyes unmanned subs

“Elbit Systems says it is delivering its new Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicle to three foreign countries, as well as the Israeli military, underlining how the Jewish state’s defense industry has become one of the world’s top exporters of drones.”

“In a recent analysis, the international business consultancy Frost & Sullivan tagged Israel as the world’s leading UAV exporter, with aerial drones worth more than $4.6 billion sold between 2005 and 2012.”

Israel combats cyberattacks, ‘biggest revolution in warfare’

“The chief of Israel’s Military Intelligence has warned the Jewish state is under sustained cyberattack amid “the biggest revolution in warfare, more than gunpowder and the utilization of air power in the past century.”

The government is scrambling to set up an emergency task force to counter the growing threat described by Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi Wednesday. The set-up will be based to some extent on the U.S. Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center.”

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