Articles of the Day 2/6/14: Giving it all away

Israel said willing to give up 90% of West Bank

“Citing anonymous Israeli, Palestinian and American sources close to the negotiations, Walla News reported on Thursday that Israel is seeking to annex about 10 percent of the West Bank’s land area in a final deal. Meanwhile, the Palestinians are seeking to have Israel annex only around 3% of the West Bank, the report said.”

Wow! Giving up 90% of the land God gave you. Don’t you think God would be offended by this? When the Lord made his covenant with Abram he said :

“To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates—”  Genesis 15:18

According to scripture, Israel should have territory about 10 times the size of what it currently possess! Land as far as central Iraq.

Israel to the Euphrates


Uri Ariel: There is no hope coalition will sign peace treaty with Palestinians

“Everyone in the coalition agrees, including [Justice Minister Tzipi] Livni and [Finance Minister Yair] Lapid, that the major settlement blocs will remain intact, the Jordan Valley will remain part of Israel, there cannot be a right of return and Jerusalem will remain united. The other side wants the right of return, won’t recognize Israel as Jewish and doesn’t want any Jews on their land,” Ariel pointed out.”

Huh? Contrast this story with the one above which claims Israel is giving up virtually everything. Israeli media are all over the map on this.

‘Kerry has declared a war on God,’ write hard-line rabbis in letter

“A group of hard-line nationalist rabbis wrote in an open to letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry that through his current mediation efforts between Israel and Palestinian negotiators he had declared war against God.”

Their right but it is not just Kerry. There is a long list of leaders and politicians who are negotiating away God given Israeli land. It is not theirs to give . Leftist Israeli politicians will be at the top of that list and the first to reap God’s wrath.

Israel as Proof of God’s Existence: Reoccupation of Jerusalem

“The sixth prophecy I want to identify is the one that states that when the Jewish people return to their homeland, they will reoccupy the city of Jerusalem, the ancient capital of their nation.”

Egyptian intelligence report: Israel had 36 spying stations in Sinai

“A court trial investigating an Israeli network of nine alleged spies – three Egyptians and six Israelis – began on Wednesday in north Sinai, but was postponed until March for security reasons.

The file is known as the “Ovadia” case, named after the person leading the spy network, Danny Ovadia, reported the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm al-Sabaa.”

Even though relations are remarkably civil between Egypt and Israel these days espionage is still happening between the two countries. It will be interesting to see what type of sentences they get once they are  found guilty. There might even be some type of spy exchange.

Turkey strengthens its navy

“Turkey is building up its naval forces in a bid to address shared regional threats and strengthen its position as a force on the seas, experts told SES Türkiye.”

Israel is also building up navel forces in the Med. In a few years, we could see competing claims of territory and navel incidents like we do see between China and Japan. Everyone is trying to claim the natural gas resources in the Med. With Turkey and Israeli relations the way they are, conflict could erupt. A shame Turkey has taken the direction it has. They could benefit greatly from an Israeli economic partnership. Instead they have chosen to be an adversary.

Katana – a Combat Marine System for Maritime Security

“Katana supports a wide range of applications for HLS and the protection of exclusive economic zones (EEZ), including – harbor security, patrol of shallow coastal and territorial waters, surface and electronic warfare and offshore platform protection (plus oil rigs, pipelines, and more).

The unmanned vessel can assume different tasks including providing an early-warning situation picture, classifying, identifying and tracking targets, supporting operations at extended range. The high-speed vessel can also intercept selected targets if required.

Katana ‘s features include autonomous navigation, collision avoidance, advanced control system and more. The vessel is equipped with various payloads (including electro-optical), communication systems, radio (Line of Site, LOS, or NLOS), radar and weapon systems. The systems’ modular design allows high flexibility in configuration, operational planning and adaptation to user requirements. According to IAI, Katana can be integrated on customer furnished platforms or on new boats, as required.”

Israeli drone tech is spreading into all theaters of potential conflict and will be a difference maker for the Israelis.

Fears grow of new Israeli assault on Gaza amid rocket attacks

“There are growing concerns Israel may soon unleash a punitive operation against the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip after the military reported a dramatic increase in rocket attacks in January.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has warned Hamas, which seized control of the densely populated coastal strip on Israel’s southern border in June 2007, that Israel will teach it a lesson “very soon” if the attacks continue.”

Israel has warned over and over again they will not tolerate these “drizzle” attacks where there is a rocket attack every few days. It could be Iran (through the Islamic Jihad) is goading Israel to attack. Hoping Israel will wipe out Hamas then Islamic Jihad can take over. I am not seeing the Hamas strategy here at all.

Report: Israel Reaching Out to Dahlan

“A report Thursday said that Israel was carrying out secret talks with banished Fatah terrorist Mohammed Dahlan. According to a report in Maariv, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has dispatched a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office, Yitzchak Molcho, to meet with Dahlan in Dubai, where he absconded to in 2010 when he was thrown out of Ramallah.”

Bennett: Why Should Israel Pay for US Policy Mistakes?

“The United States has made many mistakes in its Middle East Policy, and it is Israel that has paid for those mistakes, Economics Minister Naftali Benefit said Thursday. Speaking to Israel Radio, Bennett pointed out to a range of what he said were errors and miscalculations by the U.S., vowing that he would not allow Washington to impose yet another tragic mistake on Israel.”

Difficult to argue with the man when he is right.


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