Articles of the Day 2/7/14: Rocket Drizzle, Missile Flood

Israel shoots down rocket fired from Gaza: reports

“Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system shot down a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip towards the southern city of Ashkelon on Thursday evening, media reports said.”

Israel’s deterrence effect has expired. They are going have to do something or the attacks will become more numerous and bold.  These attacks might be Hamas /Islamic Jihad attempts to experiment with tricking the missile shield. Israel needs to go in heavy and I mean now.

Israeli leaders step up warnings of growing missile threat 

“If a new war erupts in a region that’s currently ravaged by conflict and political turmoil, leading missile expert Uzi Rubin has made no bones about the “massive casualties” he says will be caused in Israeli cities.

He bluntly told a recent conference on missile defense held at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv that in the face of a sustained missile bombardment, the military would use its missile defense systems primarily to protect key bases rather than population centers “to preserve Israel’s capability to fight a war and save lives as far as possible.”

I think Israelis are unprepared and will be shocked by the level of causalities they will sustain. They are under the impression that the missile defenses will protect them or the IDF will be able to bomb launch sites enough. That won’t be enough. In a society that historically is adverse to soldier causalities will quickly get over it once they see the high number of civilian casualties.  Israel will have no choice but too acquire territory in order to push missile/rocket launchers out of range of the population centers. All the enemies of Israel are betting that the IDF won’t maneuver on the ground and strike deep.  That is exactly what they will do. The enemies of Israel think all they need to do is withstand bombardment from the air like in 2006. Their strategy rests on the launchers being in range and staying in range. If they are out of range what good are they?  They will be forced to use them in a defensive role to fend off approaching Israeli amour and personnel. This is happening in Syria. Assad’s missiles and rockets where meant to be terror weapons not for hitting mobile rebel targets but he has to use them in a way he did not intend too or lose them.



IAI Extends the Range of The Heliborne LAHAT Missile

“Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has successfully completed a series of firing demonstrations of the Laser Homing Anti-Tank (LAHAT) missiles firing from helicopters in which the missile successfully engaged targets at extended ranges.”

“In the late 1990s and mid 2000s, with the IDF and other military forces began focusing on ‘aerial dominance’, the LAHAT missile was adapted to airborne platforms, with the development of the lightweight Quad Launcher and helicopter weapon system. By the mid 2000s the missile was tested on several airborne platforms, including assault, scout and attack helicopters such as the AH-1 Cobra, Mi-8/17, MD530 and the Indian Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH Druhv). The current contract is likely to be the first production of the missile.”

The LAHAT stands for Laser Homing Attack or Laser Homing Anti-Tank. Operational range of 8000 meters. The US is thinking of using this missile on UAVs, so it is likely the IDF will do the same.

Amidror: No Accident that Hezbollah Didn’t Receive Missiles

“In the interview, published Wednesday, Amidror was asked about advanced Russian missile systems that have made their way from Syria to Lebanon and replied, “Some of these systems did make their way into Lebanon, but most of them did not reach Lebanon. And that wasn’t an accident. This is our policy. And the Russians don’t agree with us, but at least they know all the details of our policy.”

Honestly, I think the Russians hope this keeps happening. I don’t think Assad has insurance and the Russians are so greedy they probably keep charging him to replace the ones that get blown up.

Israeli Economy Minister Bennett: ‘The Israeli Locomotive Continues to Speed Ahead’

“The Jewish Home party Chairman then outlined the potentially disastrous consequences for the Israeli economy of a negotiated settlement with the Palestinian Authority. “Historically, whenever we have reached a supposed political resolution, the Israeli economy has collapsed as a result. For example, it was precisely during [former Israeli] Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s administration, when he offered the Palestinians almost everything, that the Intifada broke out, which badly hobbled our economy,” he said.

On the other hand, whenever an Israeli government has focused on security rather than peace with the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli economy has soared, he explained. This will not be possible with the existence of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel, Bennett concluded.”

God protects Israel when she stands up to the world, but gives her over when Israel caves to the desires of the world.

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