Articles of the Day 2/10/14: Arms Race in the Med

Turkey’s New Carrier Alters Eastern Mediterranean Energy and Security Calculus

“Ankara has laid down a strategic marker with its enhanced naval capabilities in the eastern Mediterranean. If Turkey does not follow with diplomatic overtures to secure a comprehensive energy export agreement with Israel, Cyprus, and Greece that meets Turkey’s interests, Ankara will have wasted a valuable opportunity. Instead, Ankara will have initiated a naval arms race in which it ultimately cannot prevail, since Turkey lacks the economic resources to win. Israel does not need to match Turkey’s procurement program to effectively counter a Turkish bid for greater sea control in the eastern Mediterranean. Israel can respond with the less costly augmentation of its anti-access and area denial capabilities. Both countries’ best interests are served by not becoming trapped in this kind of naval competition.”

This explains Turkey’s sudden change from friend of Israel to foe. Rather then cooperate economically with Israel they have chosen conflict and it will lead to Turkey’s defeat. An alliance has formed to counter Turkey. Israel, Cyprus and Greece.  Now Cyprus and Greece arguably can’t contribute much but their geography makes them great Mediterranean bases for Israelis subs. It will be interesting to see what other weapons platforms the Israelis invest in to counter the Turkey threat. Supposedly, Israel and Turkey are about to “normalize” relations but I don’t buy it. Turkey is Islamic and largely anti-Semitic I doubt they have changed their mind and are about to do a 180. They are just buying time until these new weapons can be operational.

WATCH: Iranian TV Simulates Attack on Israel, US

“The clips surface at a particularly trying time between the US and Iran. Tensions between the two countries continue to escalate, despite Iran’s alleged “charm offensive” against Israel and other Western powers. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei verbally attacked the US earlier Saturday, calling it “controlling and meddlesome” and taunting that it is unable to topple the Islamic Republic.”

Pretty funny video, complete with a ‘Call of Duty’ soundtrack in the background. This is meant to intimidate Israeli and American public. I think what is really shows is how nervous Iran has become lately. One comment from Kerry and they go off on a campaign of threats for a week. There is a lot of wishful thinking in the Iranian government, hopefully they don’t really believe their own propaganda. However, if Obama saw this video he might be hiding under his desk right now…has any checked there? 🙂

Ya’alon: If Hamas won’t prevent terror, it will pay the price

“We will not tolerate the disruption of our citizens’ lives and will act forcefully against anyone who harms or tries to harm Israel,” he said in a statement. “We see Hamas as responsible for what happens in the Gaza Strip, and if it does not know how to impose its authority in this territory, it will also pay the price.”

This all sounds good but the drizzle of rocket attacks continues with at least one a day. Hamas seems to be calling Israel’s bluff.

Likud MK: Keep on Building at E1

“Building Jewish communities in the stretch of land between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim, at Mevaseret Adumim, will prevent Palestinian settlement of the mountain,” she stated. “The Palestinians understand this very well and have been working to establish facts on the ground, by building a network of temporary structures and populating the area with Palestinian families.”

I think this is why the peace talks are such a dangerous thing. Both sides are feverishly building in contested areas in order to try to change the reality on the ground.This raises tensions and attacks ensue.  Israel gets most of the blame but clearly the Palestinians are doing the same thing. Why is there a double standard between the Israelis and the Palestinians? How come the Palestinians are not being boycotted for doing the same thing?

 IDF Targets Gaza Terrorist, Eliminates Imminent Threat to Israel

“Abdallah Kharti, born in 1985, is a key Popular Resistance Committees operative, affiliated with global Jihad. Kharti was involved in numerous incidents of rocket fire towards Israel. The IDF operated in order to eliminate an imminent threat to the lives of Israeli civilians”

They say the threat was imminent and maybe it was but it looks like Israel has been forced back to the policy of targeted killings. This means they will attack against terrorist leadership whenever the opportunity presents itself. That is probably why we have not seen a robust response yet from the IDF regarding the daily rocket attacks. The problem is, these attacks simply are not painful enough. All it does is make them more angry and more likely to fire more rockets. If your going to hurt them…then hurt them, don’t just poke at them. Hornets nest philosophy.

Hamas deploys crack troops to Israeli border

“Hamas on Saturday deployed troops to the border separating the Gaza Strip and Israel, Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip said, but this time they were members of its armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, not the force it had previously dispatched to prevent rocket fire at Israel

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades are considered Hamas’s elite force operating in the Gaza Strip, and Hamas’s decision to deploy them to prevent rocket fire against Israel may signify the Islamist terror group’s intention to keep the ceasefire reached with Israel after the November 2012 mini-war.”

This may or may not be true. Either way it does not matter. Hamas is either incapable or unwilling to stop the rocket attacks. In fact, they seem really conflicted internally over it. A weak response from Israel is not helping.

Will the Last Seven Years Begin In March 2014?

Q. There are some who look at Revelation 12 and match the sign that John saw in the heavens to a computer program called Starry Night that accurately tracks past and future movements of stars, planets, sun, moon, etc. and the description matches very well in Sept of 2017. If Revelation 12 is considered “mid trib” then could it mean that the beginning of the seven years would be March of 2014?
A. For Daniel’s 70th Week to begin next month the following would have to take place this month; the rapture of the Church, the battles of Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38, and a seven year covenant that permits the building of a Temple has to be put in force (Daniel 9:27).

Both Paul (Romans 11:25) and James (Acts 15:13-18) say the Lord will take the Church before turning back to Israel. While there’s nothing to prevent the rapture from taking place any day now, I don’t see world events taking place rapidly enough for these other things. Remember, Israel has to think they are living in a time of peace for the battle of Ezekiel 38 to take them by surprise, and it’s this battle that will open their eyes and cause them to reinstate their Old Covenant relationship with God so Daniel’s 70th week can begin (Ezekiel 39:21-22). I don’t think anyone in Israel believes they are living in peace today.

What I like about Jack Kelly is that he always has a scripture reference to backup what he is saying. He does make some assumptions here about the timing but I believe they are the correct ones.

What Does the Bible Say? Introduction, It’s About Sin.

“I’ve been asked to write an introduction to this series of studies on “What Does The Bible Say” to explain why people need to be saved in the first place. I’ve been told this would be a good evangelism tool for use with those who may not understand this critical requirement, such as curious unbelievers or children who have become intellectually mature enough to comprehend it and are now accountable for their lives.

There you have it. We all sin (Romans 3:23), sin brings death (Romans 6:23), and the only remedy for our sins is the shedding of innocent blood (Hebrews 9:22). Jesus provided the remedy (1 Peter 3:18) but we have to apply it during our lifetime. After we die, it’s too late (Hebrews 9:27).”

I know not quite prophecy related but good evangelism none the less.


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