Articles of the Day 2/11/14: A Lack of Resolve

Israeli air strikes hit two terrorist targets after Gaza rockets 

“Israeli air strikes hit a buried rocket launch pad and a Hamas training facility in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday in reprisal for Palestinian rocket fire in recent days. DEBKAfile: Reports in local media that Israel had shifted its reprisal policy away from air strikes to targeted assassinations of high-profile terrorists were unfounded. Both remain in force.”

The rockets keep coming. This level of deterrence has long faded.

Members of Congress, Fmr. CIA Director Discuss Iran ‘EMP Threat’

“Spending several minutes discussing the various “flavors” of EMP, Mr. Woolsey explained in detail the havoc that would be left in their wake. Of 18 key infrastructures that keep American life running, says Woolsey, 17 are run on electricity. He therefore referred to the type of EMP weapon that would run along our electrical grids, knocking out transformers, as a “real carrier of death.”

If Americans are concerned about this then Israelis should be extremely concerned. Iran should be concerned as well, Israel could set off an EMP over Tehran in multiple ways. You know people in glass houses and all that.

PA Minister: We Demand Sovereignty Over Kotel

“A top Palestinian Authority official said that the PA was demanding sovereignty over all areas of Jerusalem Israel liberated in the Six Day War, including the Kotel (Western Wall).”

That is how the Palestinians ‘negotiate’. All they do is make demands, they never make reasonable compromises.

Rouhani: Iran test-launches two long-range missiles

“The day after being taken to task for cancelling a missile exercise, President Hassn Rouhani announce Monday that the Iranian army had successfully launched two long-range ballistic missiles. The only information offered about one was that it had radar-evading capabilities. The second, called Bina (or insightful), was laser-guided and could be fired from the ground or from aircraft. He used the term “new generation” indicating that the missiles were upgrades of existing ones.”

Obama or Kerry must have really peeved the Iranians. It has been nothing but threats coming from Iran for over a week now. I thought this was the new ‘moderate’ Iran. I thought that Iran could be trusted with nukes. What’s that…no you say? Bit late…Lefty.

Commander: Iran’s Air Defense System Coverring Country through 3,600 Points

“After the war and the separation of the air defense unit from the Army’s Air Force, the number “increased to 3,600 places”, he added, explaining how the network of Iran’s integrated defense system protects the entire country through these nerve endings and the connections among them.”

Somehow I don’t think US or Israeli military planners are very worried. Obama might be shaking in his boots though.

Gulf sources: Russian-Egyptian $2 bn arms deal in the bag

“According to informed sources in the Persian Gulf, Moscow and Cairo have clinched a large arms transaction worth $2 bn financed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. DEBKAfile: This transaction if executed would be the first time in 40 years that the Egyptian army is equipped with Russian weapons.”

Everywhere Obama has withdrawn from Russia as taken over.

Iran spreads its war wings: Hizballah deepens role in Syria. Israel, Syria, Lebanon “regions of conflict”

“In a fundamental policy makeover, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) high command has resolved to deepen the Lebanese Hizballah’s intervention in the Syrian civil war, with wide repercussions on the stability of Lebanon and the Syrian and Lebanese borders with Israel. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the IRGC’s terrorist and intelligence arm, the Al Qods Brigades, was appointed to execute this policy of expanded regional intervention.”

The one thing Iran has been showing is resolve. The West, in particular the US, is not showing any resolve. Iran apparently does not fear US or even Israeli intervention.

“Aliens” Maneuvering Underground

“The need to cope with the subterranean medium calls for a comprehensive approach, one that encompasses most of the content worlds and challenges. One of the main reasons for the opponent’s “disappearance” into the subterranean medium is the need to set off the obvious advantages of the typical attacker with regard to such aspects as ordnance, relative strength, full utilization of force, endurance and other technological advantages. So, in coming to deal with the challenge, it is essential that we set forth an extensive range of solutions that would encompass, to the maximum extent possible, all of the operational problems and challenges associated with this medium.”

Another reason Israel will conquering enemy territory. The enemy assumes they will have access to the entry points into the tunnel complex. The point of the tunnels is to enable a small terrorist squad to infiltrate Israel and grab hostages then exfiltrate back to the Palestinian side. They assume they will have a side to exfiltrate too. That is the flaw. If the Israelis take over the surface where the enemy access the tunnels then it will be very difficult to move men and supplies to these tunnels. The tunnels may actually be bypassed, Israel does not have to fight there right away. They will get some mileage out of them though because the IDF can’t cover every square inch.

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