Articles of the Day 2/12/14: Iran sweating?

7th Armored Brigade ditches old tanks for Merkava Mark IV

“An Armored Corps brigade based in the North is set to do away with its aged tanks and begin receiving the IDF’s last word in tank warfare, the Merkava Mark IV, equipped with the Trophy antitank- missile shield.

Based in the Golan Heights, the 7th Armored Brigade has relied on Merkava Mark II tanks for more than 20 years. Some of the older tanks were manufactured in the late 1970s, but have since undergone a series of technological upgrades…

…The Mark IV is one most technologically advanced and deadly tools available to the ground forces.

It is fitted with on-board computers that improve the accuracy of weapons systems, and can send and receive precise target locations, allowing for improved command and control communications, and better cooperation with other forces.

The Trophy defense system provides 360 degree-protection for the tank, and can intercept multiple incoming anti-tank missiles. It has proven itself on the Gaza border, destroying an anti-tank missile in 2012.”

Future EU Sanctions Against Israel? Real, Imagined, and Somewhere in Between

“According to recent newspaper reports, the movement to wage economic warfare against Israel for its policies regarding the Palestinian issue, known as BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions), is gaining steam. Indeed, a recent article by the movement’s founder on the BDS website asks if it is reaching “a turning point.”

There are some senior Israeli officials who join in predicting that the measures taken by the European Union recently against cooperation with any Israeli economic activity over the pre-1967 lines could get worse, predicting that the boycott against settlements might be applied to all of Israel. Even Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that international action might be taken against Israel if progress in the peace process is not achieved.”

The article concludes that formal EU sanctions are not likely…yet. But the fact this is even up for discussion is very disturbing.

Iran’s top soldier joins chorus of war threats 

“Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces General Hassan Firouzabadi said Wednesday that Iran is ready for the “decisive battle” against the US and the Zionist regime. “We warn them that if an attack is launched on our troops from any territory, we will invade all the enemy’s possessions,” he reiterated. “If we are targeted from the US bases in the region, we will hit those bases.” For ten years those enemies have studied a military invasion of Iran but finally concluded they lacked the ability and left the region,” the Iranian general commented.”

Wow, the Iranians sure seem nervous. The threats have been directed at both Israel and the US but more so the US. Something must have happened we don’t know about yet. Have the Nuke talks  broken down? Did the US finally give up? It is the 35th Anniversary of the Islamic  revolution so maybe they are just stirring up the locals.

IDF to hold drill at main Kiriya base in Tel Aviv 

“The IDF will hold a drill at the Kiriya, its main base in Tel Aviv, on Wednesday morning and afternoon.Defense authorities have warned of disruptions to traffic in the area, due to the presence of rescue vehicles, and of sounds simulated of explosions.”

Typical press release about a drill but with Iran being so nervous lately we should monitor all drills in Israel.

Obama and Kerry ask Netanyahu to hold back from responding to Iranian threats

“At the same time, the White House and State Department hastened to appeal to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to ignore Iranian belligerent rhetoric and keep his ministers quiet too, so as not to throw a spanner in the works of international nuclear diplomacy with Iran and the Syrian peace conference which resumed this week in Geneva.”

U.S. Intelligence Chief Describes Syria as Apocalyptic Disaster

“U.S. Intelligence Chief Describes Syria as Apocalyptic Disaster “They’re terrible. And when you consider the humanitarian disaster in addition to the 2.5 million refugees, the 6.5 million or 7 million that are internally displaced, the 134,000 plus people that have been killed, it is an apocalyptic disaster,” he said, according to Reuters.”

Are the US leaders prepping the American people for possible action in Syria? Knowing Obama I would normally say no but then I saw this. So they admit their Syria strategy sucks, but considering who we are talking about here I don’t think the Obama would do anything unless nukes went off next door to the White House and then he would likely consult with Russia first.

Hamas can hit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem with dozens of rockets

“The Gaza Strip’s Islamist rulers have invested heavily in producing their own M-75 rockets, with a range of 75 kilometers and more, and now have an arsenal of dozens of the rockets, The Times of Israel has learned. They will have dozens more by the end of this year.This means that the next round of conflict with Gaza will be focused on central Israel, with the Israeli military braced to defend the heart of the country against unprecedented salvos of M-75s directed at Tel Aviv, the rest of central Israel, and Jerusalem.”

I think the real question the concerns the IDF is how accurate they are not really the fact they can launch several at once. We really have not seen mass volleys yet, perhaps they are saving that tactic for a major conflict but if these rockets are no more accurate then the other ones then this is little more then a terror weapon. Still unacceptable but also not a reason to panic either.

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