Articles of the Day 2/19/14: Terror Culture

Palestinian says he plotted fake terror attack to get PA salary

“A convicted Palestinian terrorist told police he planned a second, fictitious terror attack against Israelis because he knew he would receive a hefty salary from the Palestinian Authority if he was imprisoned for it, according to a signed confession released by Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch on Sunday.

The prisoner, Husni Najjar, informed interrogators in August that he plotted a fictitious attack with the explicit aim of being charged for a crime with at least a five-year sentence, during which he would receive a monthly salary that would cover the expenses for his upcoming nuptials. Najjar had already served a prison term for plotting a suicide bombing.”

This is the result of a terrorist culture created by legitimizing the PLO. Look what is has grown into. Palestinians don’t seek jobs or a better way of life. They seek instead to kill Jews. That’s it. That is is all they live for. By the way, where do you think the PA gets their money? Yep, the US , the EU, and the Arab world. Basically the world is to blame for the endless cycle of hate and death between Israel and the Palestinians.

Palestinians Confirm: It’s a “No”

“Few seemed to be listening earlier this week when the Palestinian Authority released a list of red lines that in practice meant an outright rejection of Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace framework. Prior to this, noises were coming from PA officials suggesting that they are not happy with Kerry’seffortsor enthusiastic about his proposals. But, in contrast to when figures in the Israeli government express skepticism about the negotiations, remarkably few seemed to be willing to hear any of this from the Palestinians. The Washington Post and The Times of Israel both recounted that Abbas had indeed released new red lines. But there was little sense given that these red lines were effectively driving a stake through the heart of any viable framework agreement. The State Department released no official statement, and even the Israelis apparently decided they weren’t dignifying Abbas’s outlandish demands with a public response.

So now the Palestinians are turning up the volume on their rejectionism, perhaps in the hope that someone will acknowledge that they are serious about what they are saying. The PA has officially informed Kerry that they will not accept his framework in its present form. This itself is confusing since Kerry has not yet released a full framework, merely the vaguest of outlines of one, and less than ten days ago the State Department’s spokespeople were denying that such a framework even existed.”

This is actually a good thing for Israel. Arab greed has, once again, has killed any possible peace. It’s ok, the status quo is better then the framework proposed.

New Israeli Unit Targets Syrian Border Threats

“TEL AVIV — Israel is flexing its military muscle at the Golan Heights frontier with the latest intelligence collection technologies and a new frontline division dedicated to combating multiplying threats spawned by war raging in Syria.

Inaugurated late last month by Lt. Gen. Beni Gantz, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) chief of staff, the new Bashan Division is a former reserve division reconfigured with frontline, active forces responsible for defending and defeating all threats in the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon sectors.

The dedicated territorial division, part of the IDF’s Northern Command, includes a new combat collection battalion supported by the MARS sensor-fused intelligence system and latest versions of the Tzayad digital C4ISR network, both by Elbit Systems.”

Israeli minister: settlements boycott campaign shows shades of anti-Semitism

“The growing clamour in Europe for economic measures against Israel is “counter-productive” and will “get in the way of peace”, a senior Israeli minister says today. Demonstrating its concern that Israel may be blamed if peace talks with the Palestinians fail, Yosef Kuperwasser, the director general of Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs, said Europe was being “misled” by campaign groups in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
He said such groups “used the ignorance of the world” to encourage economic action against Israel and in particular Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. He said BDS groups showed shades of anti-Semitism in their attempts to “delegitimise Israel”.
“There are organisations pretending to be concerned about human rights but they are involved with a campaign to delegitimise Israel. We have to be careful here because we no how dangerous anti-Semitism it can be,” he said.
Mr Kuperwasser said the efforts of the BDS activists, some of which are funded by the EU, would not have the desired effect of forcing Israel into the hoped-for compromise.”

Fortifications and infantry brigades: Egypt reinforces border with Israel

“After struggle against al-Qaeda operatives, Bedouin smugglers takes toll on lives of dozens of Egyptian soldiers, Cairo fortifies fence with modern equipment, expert infantrymen.”

Newest IDF weapon: The little robot that could


“The IDF’s newest recruit is a versatile little American who proved he can handle himself on the battlefields of Iraq. Drafted for use in the dangerous tunnels on the Gaza Strip border, the Foster-Miller military robot Talon 4 will be deployed instead of soldiers to reduce risks to troops.”

The Israeli Army: the next great tech incubator?

“Move aside, MIT, Stanford and Y Combinator — even IT and Tsinghua. It looks like the best entrepreneurial incubator in the world might actually be created via conscription … the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).”

Exclusive: Richard Falk’s final report accuses Israel of “inhuman acts” & “apartheid”

“A controversial United Nations human rights investigator is accusing Israel of “inhuman acts,” and calling on the body world to support a “legitimacy war” against the Jewish state.

A new report by Richard Falk, which he will present next month to the UN Human Rights Council as its special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories, demands that the world court examine whether Israel is guilty of the international crimes of “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing,” and urges the UN to investigate corporations that profit from “unlawful Israeli activities.”

Falk, who will be lecturing today at Princeton University, has been condemned by world leaders on multiple occasions for spreading 9/11 conspiracy theories, and for anti-Semitic acts such as his endorsement of a book that praises Adolph Hitler.”

Many will say good riddance Mr. Falk, you were there far to long, and had no business begin there. But then we remember what the UN really is. He will likely be popular on the college lecture circuit too. There is lot’s of antisemitism on college/university campuses these days. By the way, if you are a hiring manager, don’t hire anyone from Princeton.

Heads of NGO Monitor Visit EU Parliament, Present Findings

“Prof. Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor, and Jody Sieradzki, head of NGO Monitor’s Europe research, presented the findings, saying, “NGO Monitor’s research documents major failures in EU policy and process. EU initiatives that claim to promote peace, human rights, democracy, and other moral values have become instruments for the immoral objectives of anti-Israeli political warfare.”

Report: Vatican Pushing for Control of Mount Zion

“Christian leaders reportedly pressured Israel to turn over control of Mount Zion in Jerusalem during a clandestine meeting of senior city officials.During the meeting, representatives of Christian groups in the capital pushed Jerusalem leaders to give the Catholic Church control over the Mount Zion area that includes the “Hall of the Last Supper.” There have been reports that Israel’s government is planning to turn the building in question over to the Vatican prior to the Pope’s expected visit in May.”

There goes the Vatican again, destroying Christian-Jewish relations. The Vatican has absolutely zero claim to Israeli land. Pope Francis please get in line and take a number. If I was Jewish, I would absolutely be offended by this. I would like to think it is not true but I have a bad feeling it is true.

IDF uncovers powerful bomb on Gaza border

“The IDF uncovered what it said was a powerful bomb planted on the Gaza-Israel border, on Tuesday morning.The bomb, placed on the Palestinian side of the border with southern Gaza, was found next to the security fence, and was designed to go off as an army patrol passed by.”



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