BREAKING: Reports of IAF strikes on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon-Syria border

IAF attack 2-24-14

Early reports say location is near Nabi Sheet in the Bekaa Valley.

Also, the leader of Jabut al-Nusra may have been abducted by unknown masked men.

UPDATE: Reports now saying location is Brital & Nabih Chit, two sites now instead of one.

summ IAF strikes

Summary of IAF strikes by @RamiAILolah, nice work by the way.

UPDATE 21:35PM: Al Arabiya reporting Hezbollah has sustained some causalities in the strike.

UPDATE 2/25/14 10:02PM: Western sources: Israel Air Force hits SS-21 batteries, first attack in Syrian war on nuclear-capable missiles

“Western military and intelligence sources report that Israeli Air Force strikes in Lebanon and Syria overnight Monday, Feb. 24 came on the heels of the first use in the three-year Syrian war of a Russian-made nuclear-capable Tochka (Point) surface missile – NATO-coded SS-21 Scarab – which carries a 480-kilo warhead with a range of 70 km. These missiles were fired earlier Monday in the Syrian-Hizballah battle for Yabroud. There was no information about the effect of the Israeli strikes.”

SS-21 Scarab

According to Wikipedia:

“The OTR-21 is a mobile missile launch system, designed to be deployed along with other land combat units on the battlefield. While the FROG-7 is large and relatively inaccurate, the OTR-21 is much smaller. The missile itself can be used for precise strikes on enemy tactical targets, such as control posts, bridges, storage facilities, troop concentrations and airfields. The fragmentation warhead can be replaced with a nuclear, biological or chemical warhead. The solid propellant makes the missile easy to maintain and deploy.
OTR-21 units are usually managed in a brigade structure. There are 18 launchers in a brigade; each launcher is provided with 2 or 3 missiles. The vehicle is completely amphibious, with a maximum road speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) and 8 km/h (5.0 mph) in water. It is NBC-protected. The system has been in development since 1968. Three variants have been created.”

Obviously, the nuclear, biological or chemical warhead caught the attention of the IDF planners. I’m curious why the Syrians would be giving up these weapons to Hezbollah. Surly they would be effective against rebels and Assad could use them. Perhaps the price for  Hezbollah’s participation in the war.

UPDATE 2/25/14 3:41PM: Israeli official confirms: IAF hit missile convoy entering Lebanon last night

“Israeli warplanes struck a convoy transporting surface-to-surface missiles from Syria into Lebanon on Monday in an attempt to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining certain weapons, an anonymous Israeli security official reportedly told TIME Magazine on Tuesday.”

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