Articles of the Day 2/24/14: Feeding Evil

The Deadly Reality of Palestinian Rock Throwing

“In 2013, there were more than 2,400 Palestinian rock throwing attacks in Israel. Of these, 30 percent were directed at civilian vehicles. 116 civilians were injured due to these incidents. They may appear inoffensive, but rocks threaten lives.”

Again, planned terrorist attacks designed to intimidate, create fear, and otherwise make Jewish lives miserable.  Also, this is a cheap method for the PA to raise tensions. The cost of robust terror can get expensive. Inciting several Palestinians to throw rocks at Jewish civilians is cost effective. Do you think people that attack in this way really want peace? Once they get the land that is not theirs will their hatred just go away? Interesting, that the UN never condemns these acts of violence against civilians.

Palestinians who terrorized Rte 443 caught 

“In a combined operation, the Shin Bet, IDF and police announced Monday they had cracked the Palestinian gang which had terrorized the 443 highway route to Jerusalem last month by lobbing firebombs and rocks at passing vehicles. Fifteen suspects from the Palestinian Beit Ur Tachta village were taken into custody.”

Israel steps up readiness on Golan Heights

“BEIRUT: Israel has sent a new military division to police the Golan Heights border with Syria, the Jerusalem Post reported Monday, in a move officials said was designed to prevent a spillover of violence. Speaking from the Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967, army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said Sunday the changes were “very significant.”

The 210th Division has been training since July to familiarize itself with the terrain near the border so it is ready to counter any threats from its war-torn neighbor, the Israeli daily reported. The departing 36th Armor Division, which has been stationed on the Golan Heights for 40 years, will become a flexible unit, on standby to be sent into combat in Lebanon or Gaza, it added.”

Reports: Iraq signs arms deal with Iran

“Iran has signed a deal to sell Iraq arms and ammunition worth $195m, according to documents seen by Reuters news agency – a move that would break a UN embargo on weapons sales by Iran.”

Israel could double its V-22 order to 12 aircraft

“Israel could double the size of a potential order and buy 12 V-22 Osprey and form part of a plan to preserve production of the tiltrotor aircraft for several more years, Bell Helicopter chief executive John Garrison says.”

Riots on the Temple Mount Injure Two Police Officers

“Police arrested three Arab rioters Tuesday morning on suspicion of throwing rocks and firecrackers at police on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, right after police opened the Rambam Gate entrance to the Mount. Two police officers were wounded and are being taken to Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital. According to Kikar HaShabbat, dozens of Muslims began throwing rocks and fireworks at police once the gate, which is the only entrance through which Jews may enter the Mount, was opened. A police force dispersed the rioters through the use of stun grenades. Police have closed the Mount to Jewish visitors as a result of the riots, which have a direct connection to talks over religious freedom at the Mount due to commence Tuesday.”

 “Clearly, there are nefarious forces at work that are attempting to frighten Israel into submission,” Rabbi Richman said Tuesday. “Ironically, on the very day upon which the Israeli Knesset will be considering this very issue, we see before us today a stark reality check, and a lesson on who is really sovereign on the Temple Mount.”

Rabbi Richman noted that initial reports that the Mount would remain open were false – and not by accident. “Although the police claim that the Temple Mount will remain open to visitors today despite the Muslim disturbances, this is an outright falsehood: the police closed the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors this morning. Once again the Muslim agitators succeeded in preventing innocent Jewish visitors from exercising their right to peaceful prayer, and the Israel Police are party to this utter travesty.”

These are not riots. These are planned attacks to deter Jewish people from praying on the Temple Mount. Ironically, these attacks only make the Jews want to exercise sovereignty over the land.

‘Western Countries Are Funding the Incubators of Terrorism’

“Chetboun wanted to present to representatives of partner countries funding the UNRWA research findings indicating the extent  of anti-Israeli incitement in the educational institutions of the organization and textbooks taught in “refugee camps” in the Palestinian Authority (PA), Gaza and Jerusalem.”

No one wants to admit this but it is true. Allowing Palestinians to play the victim card and never holding them accountable for their actions is only part of the problem. Leftist politicians are also to blame. They feed the Islamic appetite for violence and blood lust so that now, the Palestinians, or any other Muslim, feel justified in what they do.  They are never told what they are doing is wrong by the West. The West never stands up, they forever appease evil. Part of being a believer is standing up and calling evil out for their actions. A believer does not try to befriend evil. God will judge Islam and we should not approve of Islam. There is no moderation in Islam, it is simply a degree of how evil. Some can be saved. They can be converted but the gate is narrow for them as all of us but more so for them because their hearts are not open to Jesus Christ.




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